Turley-Hanson's "facts" are actually symptoms. They are the result of decades of institutional racism in America.

White are more likely to do drugs than blacks, yet 1 out of 3 black men have a criminal record. We let the white kids go and go after the blacks, and then give th…


Everyone who organizes a Tea Party rally is a community leader, Rick.

Every month is white history month.

Every time a black person looks at a dollar bill they see a man who owned slaves.

The White House was built with slave labor.

History can teach so much.


Turley-Hanson cherry picks her "facts" and ignores history to validate her racist views.

As do you, sir. Here's an example of something you both leave out:

What a thing for …


Wow, Rick, those are some pretty odd questions. Read a history book sometime. Learn about America.

How about I sum it up like this....if you were black, every time you looked at a dollar bill, you'd see a picture of a slave owner.

Every day in America is White Day, Rick. Every on…


Be careful, Donny-Boy, the Von Mises Institute in Alabama, which so many of these libertarians and Tea Party folks (like Michelle Bachman) like to cite, was founded by a bunch of racist holocaust deniers.

They don't believe in democracy, and in the 1980's openly used racism to rec…


What is it with people like Turley-Hason and Zajicek?

They hear something on the radio and they feel like that makes them an expert?

If you nice white ladies have spent years studying the history of race relations in America, then by all means, let's hear it.

Show you crede…


So, pointing out that 90% of the American public supports background checks makes me a left wing extremist?

Do you consider 90% of the American public to be left wing extremists?

I'm a recovering libertarian, if you want to label me, but you're just using labels to distract from …


Bottom shelf, next to yours.

Ask better questions and you'll get better answers.


Ignorance fuels racism. Martin Luther King also marched for jobs, to end poverty, and the end the Vietnam war.

Glad to see more people speaking out against Turley-Hanson's particular brand of bigotry.


Giocrypt, I think you know full well what I'm saying, you're just being nitpick-y. I'm fine with that, call me out on anything anytime.

You may assume the stockbroker was white, but it may be more helpful to assume that income plays a role, if it makes you feel better about the race th…