Ahwatukee club lacrosse

Ahwatukee Lacrosse, a youth club league that feeds into Desert Vista’s high school program, is hosting clinics for current and new players to receive a free lacrosse stick and pads to join the team for the upcoming fall season.

A youth lacrosse club in Ahwatukee is hoping to add to its roster ahead of the upcoming season by providing an opportunity for kids to learn the game and receive free equipment.

Ahwatukee Lacrosse, a club team for both boys’ and girls’ ages kindergarten to eighth grade, has started hosting clinics for prospective players to get into the sport. For many, it is their first time. That’s why the club has also gone as far as donating a lacrosse stick to the youth players who attend and pay the $100 fee, which also gives you two sessions per week.

According to Michelle Wasielewski, a volunteer parent who also oversees registration and marketing for the club, they want players to have adequate equipment, so they play the game in a safe manner.

“We’re working with vendors to give us package deals on starter kits that include helmets, gloves and pads,” Wasielewski said. “We are trying to bulk buy to keep the cost down.”

Wasielewski has only been with the club for less than a year after moving to Ahwatukee from Illinois. But even in the short amount of time, she has seen the impact it has had on her son, a 13-year-old who will be attending Desert Vista next year.

The team is the feeder program for the Thunder squad, which is comprised of students from both Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe high schools. It’s a program that has seen success in recent years. The boys regularly compete for championships while the girls are fresh off a title win last spring.

Players from the high school team coach the younger members of the club. Michelle said that is a unique experience for the youth players they thoroughly enjoy.

“I love it provides another sport for the boys,” Wasielewski said. “This is a wonderful bonding experience for them. My kid, you ask him to do anything and he’s like, ‘Ugh!’ But you tell him it’s time to go to lacrosse practice and he is in the car before me. They laugh, they smile and it’s an instant bond that they can take with them to high school.”

The club’s season is set to take place Oct. 13 and last through the middle of December. But before then, more clinics will be hosted at local parks for current and new players to join. 

Overall, the club’s main goal is to motivate more people in the community to join. Word of mouth has been key for the club’s growth, now they hope to take it to another level.

“We are keeping the clinics open until the last day before the season just in case somebody comes in and wants to get that good lacrosse stick versus getting the wrong type of stick,” Wasielewski said.

For those interested in attending an Ahwatukee Lacrosse clinic or joining the club, visit www.facebook.com/ahwatukeelax/.

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