Ahwatukee Little League

Quintin Huerta fields a bouncing grounder as other players watch and wait their turn during Ahwatukee Little League tryouts last Saturday

The Ahwatukee Little League will host its annual winter skills camp ahead of the new season beginning this spring for new and existing players.

Jeff Parent, President of the Ahwatukee Little League, said the camp will be open to kids from 7 to 12 years old that are interested in playing this spring when the new baseball season begins.

“We’ll get out there and run some drills with them,” Parent said. “It’s pretty exciting. The spring season is right around the corner, and we’re excited to get this thing going again. It’s been a long off-season.”

A similar camp was held last year in two sessions. Kids ages 7 to 12 and of all skill levels were given the opportunity to field ground balls, take batting practice and a myriad of other skills involved with baseball.

Last year gave players the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of coaches for the Little League draft. The camp was labeled a “tryout,” even though every player that wanted to participate in the season was placed with a team. This year’s camp will come before the tryout, which will take place at the end of January.

Parent said the camp will follow a similar format as last year but in one two-day session. Along with coaches, alumni of the league who have aged out will also be on hand to help run the drills.

Parent said the camp is truly a community event.

“It’s a great teambuilding environment and it’s great for kids who have never played baseball and for those who have been playing for years,” Parent said. “We try to keep in contact and love for the alumni to come back and do this or umpire for us. It’s a great community overall.

“It’s a great time to meet some new friends and play baseball. Just a great time at the ballpark.”

The camp will be held at Mountain Vista Park on Wednesday, Dec. 29 and Thursday, Dec. 30 from noon to 2 p.m. each day. Opening Day for the 2023 Ahwatukee Little League spring season is scheduled to take place Feb. 25.

For more information about Ahwatukee Little League, including where to register and how to participate in the winter skills camp, visit AhwatukeeLittleLeague.org.

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