On Aug. 8, I read an article written by Dan Tamblo, a good writer. I have also read a few other articles about The Lakes and the proposed residential housing project in this paper. I agree with those homeowners (51 percent or more, I hope) who do not support further residential development at The Lakes Golf Course.

I’d like to offer two additional points to what I’ve already read:

When Wilson Gee bought The Lakes Golf Course a few years ago, he HAD TO KNOW before signing the purchase contract that The Lakes had to remain a golf course. That sounds pretty straightforward to me. Gee claims he has to sell it because he can’t make any money on the golf course. For me, this brings up two questions: Can Mr. Gee really not make any money on this golf course? OR “Can Mr. Gee just not make enough money?”

Since Phoenix is considered the golf capitol of the U.S., I’m guessing it’s the latter. I can understand that maybe Gee wants a better return on his investment. Well, I’d like to be getting more than 0.06 percent interest on my savings account, too.

As a homeowner in Ahwatukee, I recently received a ballot from Pulte Homes about this tentative residential development of 250 homes. The form only had one box to check, that being that I supported building 250 homes at The Lakes. If so, I was to check the box, sign and date it and return it in the postage paid envelope that was included with a glossy brochure.

However, there was no box to check if you didn’t support it. So, I shredded my ballot. You can bet that somewhere down the road, right before we vote on this, Pulte and Gee will use these ballot results to pad their presentation and their case. I regret that the ballot needs to be rewritten with two choices instead of one and then redistributed among the eligible voters. Suggestions for the two choices include:

1. I support building homes at The Lakes.

2. I do not support building homes at The Lakes.

I like living here. I can take a walk after dinner and there’s not too much traffic. I have nice, respectful neighbors; it’s quiet and well maintained. I don’t want this change. Once this open land is gone, IT’S GONE. Please consider just saying no. I know I will. To me, the lifestyle I enjoy here is worth speaking up about.

I would like to see Wilson Gee reverse course (pun intended,) refill the lakes, water the grass and trees and plant new trees to replace the many he killed, return the wildlife to their homes, make the Lakes Golf Course look attractive again, and then spend money marketing it so he can turn a profit, or at least, enough of one. RSV season is just around the corner, they like golf and they have enough money for at least two homes.

I’m not a golfer, but a working commuter that drives south on 48th Street from work every day between 4 and 4:45 p.m. The road simply cannot accommodate any more traffic. And 250 more homes, that’s likely an additional 500 cars in the area.

I am not anti-business. But I am pro open space. And once that open space is gone, it’s gone.

Larry, resident of RTV-1

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