Lakes Golf Club

Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Club on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

There’s been lots of talk and community discussion over the past half year about what will happen to the former Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course under its new ownership. We were all tired of the old owner, who couldn’t work with the city of Phoenix and let the property go to waste. When the new owners bought the land in June, many of us nervously held our breath.

I must say, I’ve been cautiously optimistic with what I’ve seen from the new owners so far. In responding to the city of Phoenix, they’ve begun cleaning up many of the damaged trees from when the golf course closed in May of 2013 and are taking steps to protect adjacent properties. They’ve also taken steps to keep neighbors aware of when they’ll be doing maintenance on the property to avoid becoming a nuisance. This is a huge step up from what we’ve been used to with owners past and says something about their willingness to be a good neighbor. Let’s hope this continues.

We haven’t seen any plans from the developer about what they intend to do with the property, but we shouldn’t resort to spreading wild rumors about what might happen. If they can work with the city of Phoenix on maintenance, it seems they’ll be open to working with the city and our community on a solution that benefits all of Ahwatukee. Let’s take a deep breath and be glad we have a new neighbor open to working with the city.

Edward Corona

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