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In response to the recent “op-ed” published in the Ahwatukee Foothills News on July 13 by Randy Christman, a representative of Pulte Corp; I would like to put to rest the misinformation Pulte is providing the Ahwatukee homeowners, regarding their highly marketed “proposal” to turn the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course into a housing development.

To begin with, in a recent communication sent out by Ben Holt, president of Save The Lakes, he points out; “in Pulte’s calculations they have led you to think that every home will share one acre with two other homes. In reality they arrived at this figure by including ALL 102 acres of The Lakes property in their average, forgetting to mention that 38 percent of the 102 acres will be open space; that there will be a buffer zone of between 70 and 107 feet; and some of the acreage will be used for streets, the drainage ditch down the center of the proposed project, and the one lake that may be built on the property. So, there really aren’t 102 acres left for building homes. At best there are 68 acres. And that means at least four homes per acre.”

More importantly, the 250-300 homes Pulte “Proposes” to build, the key word here being “proposes,” will add at least 700-1,000 more trips on our already crowded streets, more children to our maxed out schools, more people standing in line at the local post office, and an additional strain to our emergency responders, and police who are experiencing their own cutbacks.

Finally, Pulte would like you to believe that “the former golf course” can no longer be a golf course. This is a mistruth. There are investors gobbling up golf courses because they see a profitable future in golf as baby boomers begin to retire. If you visit “The friends of the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course” Facebook page (www.facebook.com/friendsofthealgc) you will find several recent articles from reputable sources as proof. Furthermore, a feasibility study was recently done on The Lakes Golf Course, which determined that under the right management, and brought back to a usable state, The Lakes Golf Course COULD be returned to a viable and successful golf course.

The real truth is, Gee is responsible for any loss his investment group may suffer when they finally get the message that the homeowners of Ahwatukee do not see any benefit to the community by changing the CC&R’s. Gee himself, not the homeowners, has systematically trashed the property in an effort to bully us into giving into to their plan, which in the long run only benefits Pulte and Gee. We are prepared to endure the smell and continual trashing of that property until Pulte and Gee give up and see the light. That is the truth, not misinformation. And one final crucial truth that we all need to remember is, once the CC&R’s are changed, there is no turning back. The same investment group that owns The Lakes Golf Course, and let it fall in to disrepair, owns the Country Club.

Noel Anderson

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