There is a poster going viral (Jan. 26), titled "Contrasting Arizona." One photo shows President Obama hugging Congresswoman Giffords, the other shows his finger-pointed confrontation with Gov. Brewer.

The photos visually depict the breadth of Arizona's feelings about our interaction with President Obama and his administration. I applaud the compassion and caring displayed for Gabby, and I deplore the aloof disinterest in helping to address a broken immigration system that hurts so many people (both those who are fleeing decapitation-level violence and drug wars in Mexico, and those in the U.S. harmed by illegals in gangs, drug cartels, and those who simply have no moral center).

Trying my best not to pick sides, I still have to call out a failure to lead the country and strike compromises to make progress. I, for one, expect more of our elected leaders (President Obama not being the only target of my criticism ... just the most highly placed).

Bob Beane

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