We write to applaud hundreds in Ahwatukee united to stop a Southern California developer from destroying nature and undercutting homes at the heart of our community.

Like many Ahwatukee Foothills News readers, when we bought a modest Sandia Street home nine years ago, we promised to honor the CC&Rs that protect The Lakes area as our common home.

Developer Wilson Gee concurred in those promises when he bought The Lakes and other Ahwatukee golf courses in 2006. But The Lakes was the area’s premier executive golf course, the site of the Arizona Golf Association Short Course Championship — until developer Gee.

Because Gee cannot beat The Lakes’ CC&Rs in court — they’re the strongest of the properties he acquired — he set out on another plan. If he can incinerate the plants and animals of The Lakes by depriving them of water, he and his international investors can turn The Lakes into condos, then press on to do the same to the rest of the Ahwatukee properties. Using charm as a weapon and claiming a right to make money, Gee is ruining nature and our homes, to achieve by attrition what he cannot win in law.

Hundreds of neighbors, united through Save The Lakes, Inc., are determined to stop him. Gee and his international investors cannot be permitted to enrich themselves at the expense of widows, widowers and retirees in their 70’s and 80’s, who saved for decades to secure a modest future.

We urge: join Save the Lakes, Inc., by contacting Ben or Sylvia Holt at hholtsb@cox.net. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and representatives. Publish your stories and pictures of this siege against our homes. This attack on nature and our community cannot be permitted to stand.

Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin

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