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A customer drops mail into a curbside mailbox Monday, Dec. 5, 2011, at a post office in Seattle. The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service said Monday it is seeking to move quickly to close 252 mail processing centers and slow first-class delivery next spring, citing steadily declining mail volume. The cuts are part of $3 billion in reductions aimed at helping the agency avert bankruptcy next year. The plant closures are expected to result in the elimination of roughly 28,000 jobs nationwide. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Residents of Ahwatukee, please look to the skies and see what the government is doing to our pristine, blue Arizona skies. On any given day you will see several unmarked aircraft flying repeatedly over southern Arizona leaving a thick, white trail of chemicals which slowly dissipate into a milky, white overcast by sunset. The discharge is not caused by high flying commercial jet aircraft leaving what is commonly known as a contrail, but rather a long lasting, thick material that slowly spreads during the day causing a hazy overcast by nightfall. Let me repeat, what you will see is not the result of high altitude commercial aircraft. It is clear that a government agency is causing what could potentially cause great harm to the Arizona environment, the air our citizens breathe and the water we drink, and unknown consequences to our weather.

I have written to our elected officials regarding this activity and have received no response indicating they are either not concerned or not willing to disclose what is happening to our beautiful skies. Please Ahwatukee, LOOK UP.

Ron Axon

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