Fight for leverage

PRESCOTT VALLEY - Hard to believe the best sports weekend of the year is already here.

And yet it is.

Only two more days of wrestling coverage until the month leading up to Fargo.

At state it is done a little different because I have to take pictures while writing stories for four publications so I am not in front of the computer as I normally would so there will be long pauses.

Be patient and I will do what I can for those that can't make it to Tim's Toyota Center.

On Friday, I will be able to do Div I and Div II first round without interruption (11:15 AM), the second round will be tougher as I go for interviews and photos.

And then the Div III and IV finals will be at 6:15 p.m.

On Saturday, I will live blog the DI and DII semifinals without interference at 10 a.m.

And then the finals are scheduled for 4 p.m., which will be hit and miss.

Log-in, comment along, ask for results, request certain matches and we will see what we can do.

Freshest take at the top.


Team standings DI heading into finals

Cibola 111.5

Chandler 111

Sunnyside 105

Corona del Sol 104

Desert Vista 99

Horizon 95



No live blog today. Thought the semis were going to run at 10 am, but not until about 11:30 and I wont be in the arena at the time.


Sorry I havent been able to do the blog... trying to do too much.



heading down for interviews. be back when I can




Nielsen gets the first takedown and lets him go


Nielsen down to start the second

Workman riding him out so far, 52 left in the second

Nielsen dinged with stalling

Neutral to start the third, 2-1 Nielsen

Workman gets the takedown on a fireman's leads 3-2 with 55 seconds

restart with 34 seconds left

Nielsen escapes and gets takedown with about 3 second for the win

Great match.

Felipe leading 4-2 entering the second period, Schwiegert escapes

still 4-3 with 14 left


Felipe takes down, leading 4-3

Schewigert turns him with an arm b ar. and gets the pin


here we go.

Herder and Casillas tied at two

Herder and Casillas tied at 4

4-4 heading into third, going neutral

Stalling on Casillas

Casiallas gets a double swith 36 seconds left, but Herder quickly escapes

6-5 with 18 left when Casillas gets another Takedown for the 8-5 lead and win

Mainez up 3-0 on Anderson

Anderson escapes with a minutes left to close within 3-1, but Mainez gets takedaown and backs to go up 8-1

Mainez gets another takedown for 10-1 lead

mainexz gets another four point move for a 14-2 decison



A bit of a dealy to start the finals... wrestlers warming up


Top five team scores after two champ rounds in DI

1 Chandler 57

2 Sunnyside 56

3 Horizon 54

4 Corona and DV 53


Thats probably it for DI and DII today.... Crank back up for DIII and DIV finals


Horizon's Jeremiah Imonode trailing 3-1 with 20 seconds left in the second period against Trevor Browne's Ochoa

Imonode takes down to start the third

he escapes to take close within 3-2, second stalling warning on Ochoa ties it up at 3-3 . still neutral

OT it goes

15 seconds left and still 3-3

second OT on tap

Ochoa escapes

4-3 entering third OT

Imondoe escapes 4-4 with 11 seconds left

4th OT Ochoa takes down and escapes in three seconds for the win


Corona's jay tucker gets a win

Boulder Creek's Cantelme gets a pin at 182


Sorry for the stoppage, just needed to catch up on the brackets before round two starts.

We are now at 182 and 195 for the most part.

DV's Tristan Ezell was trailing 4-0 in the second period when he hit an upper body toss for a pin over Dobson's Clay Rollefstad.



PInnacle's Verneesch advances with a win over Centennial's Nahrgang


I have to take a break to prepare for round 2 coverage

Be back soon


Corona's Landrum up 2-0 in the early going, now up 3-1 in the second period

Landrum's lead now 7-3 after a reversal by Cibola's Lugo but that as close as it got.

DV's Dere Allen with a quick first period pin, less than 30 seconds


Corona's Tursini leading 4-1 at the start of the second period over Brophy's schmidt

Now 6-1 heading into third period and he got the win


It has to be frustrating to wrestle Gilbert's Jared Johnson. He almost seems lackadasical.. just stays in one spot in the neutral position but then explodes for a takedown... he just played with Sunnyside's Miranda for a 12-4 win


The Monty brothers are on the mat that the same time

Blake tied at 2-2 with a minute left in the second and Seth leading 2-0 woth 10 seconds left in the first

Seth with the pin. Blake tied at 2 entering the third

Blake was on tip for the entire third period and couldnt rurn Cibola's Moreno. OT it goes

the second OT it goes, Monty on top

Monty turns him for a five count and leads 5-2 heading into third OT

Blake wins it 5-2 in 3 OTs



I might be wrong, but I think Andres Peidra pinned Chandler's Dalton Moran.

In the same quarter bracket at DI 138, DV's Sobarzo advances with an 18-5 decison almost got the tech with a tilt at the end

Highland's Done wins 8-4 at the same weight class


In DII 138 Marcos' Flores has a 8-1 lead heading into third peri



Corona's Walton leading Mtn Ridge's Soos 7-0 entering third period

Walton getting more back points, up 12-0 and gets the Ahwatukee resident gets the major decision.

at the same weight, 132 DI, Moraga with a pin



DV's Mathers with a pin over Mesa's Anaya.



SDO's Rollins pinned Mountain Pointe's Gaughan at DI 126

While DV's Jacob Woelbel is trailing 6-2 in the third period to Chandler's Devine.



Mesa's Hale and Sunnyside's Olivas wrapped up in a good one, with Hale leading 3-0 in the second period


Cibola's Camarillo with a second period pin at 126



MP's Trey Stevenson trying to make a comeback at  at 120 after trailing 5-2 it is now 5-4 with 36 seconds left aaginst Valley Vista's Miguel Cruz

Stevenson tried desparation toss, but was planted on his back for 7-4 loss.

Cruz advances to take on someone named Dalton Brady


Second seeded Sanchez of Sunnyslop having a hard time with AJ's Edwards at 113. Sanchez escaped in third period for a 3-1 lead with 1:43 left

he ended up with the win, 5-1 i believe


This doesnt make up for it but Cibola's Gandara just got a pin at 113 over Millenium's Jaguire


First upset of the day really hurts those who thought Cibola had an inside track to the title as basha's Ryan Kuhn knocked off Rafael Jaimes at 106, i believe 9-4, but Kuhn definitely won


Mountain Pointe's Cody Rojas, who i think is underrated at DI 113, gets a takedown and a cradle for a quick 5-0 against Corona's Matt Churchill.

Stopped for Blood time for Rojas

Last  saw Rojas was up 11-6 heading into third period.


SDO's Rich and Maryvale's Calderon locked up in a good one, 1-1, at DI 106 with 40 seconds left. Calderon on bottom, escapes with 21 seconds left.... gets a head and arm and hangs on for the win, 2-1.



In Division II, Goldwater's Vandall gets past Mar. MtV's Derrick 2-0 (i think that was the correct score)


DV's Brian Mitchell beats Chavez's Nino 4-0


Moran gets pins at DI 106


The wrestlers are taking the mats now.

Let me know of any matches you'd like me to report on by commenting on here or emailing me at



Only a couple more matches left in the DIII and DIV consolation semis. Looks like DI and II will be close to on time (11:15)



Just walked in and caught the team standings (but not the points) for Division III - believe this was updated before consolation semis which are going on now

1. T-bird

2. Mingus

3. Blue Ridge

4. Amphi

5. Campo Verde

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Thanks for the coverage...


much appreciated


If possible interested in on Copper Canyon 160, 182, HWT "DIV 2"


If possible pinnacle 106, 160, and 220


Me TOO 182 DIV 2


182 DIV 2 Thats Maricopa

I'll do what I can but DII is on opposite of where I am sitting. I have my binoculars so....


Thank you


Seth and Blake Monty Mesa Mountain View....Thank you


Thanks so much Jason! Your reports are much better than agonizing here in Michigan waiting for a phone call! lol


What was the outcome with Varner from Brophy and Darveaux from Highland at 152?


Brandon Stratton from Red Mountain at 160? Red Mountain HWT? Thanks.


What is the result of Kyle kingery 182
from Maricopa HS?


Can you tell me the results of Kyle Kinger 182 from Maricopa HS?


Can I get results TJ Thomas from Dobson 195. Thanks


This 2 day tourney for a 16 man brackets is for the birds, it should be a 1 day tourney. Updates from the AIA are impossible to obtain and a 2 day tourney just soaks the schools and parents.


Div 3 final and conso final PLZ 106lb


Anderson had no bussiness in the final.


106 lb conso final plz

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