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Applauds DiCiccio’s stand on reimbursement grant

I just read that Phoenix City Council approved reimbursement of $5.2 million in expenses run up during protests last year by a vote of 8-1. 

Congratulations to the council for standing up for what is right and on behalf of the citizens of this fair city. Councilman Garcia needs to reassess his priorities since he was against the allocation. Garcia obviously has a hidden agenda somewhere. 

As for the other dissenters, obviously they have no idea whatsoever what has gone into making this country free and the sacrifices therein. One “whackjob” even made the statement, “Do not reimburse them so they can kill more of the people in our communities and defund the Phoenix Police Department.” I’ve read stupid, ignorant statements before, however, none as ignorant as this one. 

Ahwatukee Councilman Sal Diciccio has everyone’s best interests at heart – this I can readily see. Defunding the police ranks right up there with defunding hospitals and EMT units. Blatant disregard for the community in supporting the defunding of essential organizations like the Police Department is ludicrous at best.

-Mike McCormick


Disapproves of name calling by DiCiccio at meeting

This in regards to Councilman Sal DiCiccio and his name calling during discussions at city hall – as mentioned in the Jan 27 edition of AFN. 

At the place I work, we have many meetings and yes, there are disagreements. If I ever resorted to the type of name calling done by Councilman Sal, I would be picking up my belongings and my behind from my work parking lot. Yes, I would be fired.

 This is not the first and nor will it be the last that there are disagreements at city hall. I never hear other council persons resorting to as much name calling as Sal. Maybe he has a limited vocabulary but more likely he has anger management issues. Either way he has to remember that he works for us. 

The usual result of throwing insults, is that the whole discussion turns into a fight and from there on there is no civil discussion. Sal represents my district and as an active voting citizen, I would ask Sal to get some help, otherwise his fate will be the same as mine if I ever used such language at my workplace.

-Stanley Dsouza


Club West resident questions Conservancy’s tactics

Serving on any homeowners’ association board of directors is a thankless job. I thank those for serving on the Club West HOA, especially since there have been numerous elections over the years where few have cared to run. Further, we live in a world class association, Club West, with an amazing fiscal awareness. It has its faults, but it is still world class. Thank you, BOD, for your efforts for many years.

While it may be time for new faces on the HOA BOD, they should not be exclusively Club West Conservancy backed faces.  It would almost seem to be a conflict of interest to have CWC members participate in board discussions about the fate of the golf course given the CWC’s focus seems to be litigation for the benefit of a handful of homeowners as opposed to the greater good of the vast majority of Club West homeowners.

I understood the CWC was primarily formed a year ago to study The Edge proposal to preserve open spaces and provide solutions. The CWC then complained that things were moving too fast and it needed more time to study The Edge preliminary proposal. Instead, it has sued the BOD and created delays. 

We need transparency from the CWC. If they have solutions, let’s hear them. It’s not the BOD’s formal role to create such solutions. But we agree the BOD should facilitate discussions.  Unfortunately, it cannot as long as there’s a lawsuit.  

Over the last seven months, The Edge has spent considerable time and money researching possible uses and funding sources for the golf course.  The initial proposal was just that; nothing was cast in concrete. The Edge is ready to work with the BOD and the CWC, but no one will meet because of the lawsuit. 

Indeed, The Edge has five proposed new solutions including zero development for consideration, but CWC has used litigation to block The Edge from presenting the options to the community.

The current BOD has protected Club West homeowners and repeatedly refused the CWC’s request to assess all 2599 homeowners when only 12% of homeowners live adjacent to the golf course. But if the CWC seizes control of the board, that means the CWC can spend Club West HOA money for its “own backyard” without homeowner approval.

The board’s hands are tied by the CWC’s lawsuit. If a permanent injunction is granted in a few weeks, then there will be even less discourse until the lawsuit is tried or settled; one year at a minimum.  Then there is a possible appeal and so on. No winners for sure.

Does anybody know what the result is if the CWC wins its lawsuit?  You might want to think about what power the BOD or Club West homeowners will have to impact any development if the CWC lawsuit is successful.  Perhaps The Edge or CWC can answer this question with certainty.

Let’s have a civil discussion without the lawsuit. Or let’s discuss joint solutions with the lawsuit as an incentive to end this no-win scenario. 

If the CWC plan is delay and dirt, then keep up the great work.  But we can’t just presume they have anything close to the backing of 2600 homeowners. Perhaps those who have been so vocal on social media, but lacking solutions, want to buy the land and restore the golf course.  Everything is for sale these days.

I hope we can see solutions rather than continued banter behind the cloak of social media. 

Let’s work together.

-Chris Henrichsen


Why she supports Richard Lake for Club West board

Recently I received a beautiful, color printed “voting guide” sent out by the Club West Conservancy. It is clear that all those running for Club West Board care about our community. I appreciate all those willing to volunteer their time to serve on our HOA board.  

The candidates have many common concerns including open discussion with the board and board transparency…sounds good.  All candidates say they are willing to explore partnerships and explore and develop potential solutions; however, in the next sentence many, and I mean those being promoted by Club West Conservancy, say they are not willing to see “any” new homes on “any” of the existing open land.

That doesn’t sound like compromise or doing what is in the best interest of the entire community.  It seems that those running in the interests of CWC prefer litigation to solutions.  Any future litigation would come out of our HOA money and this could be very expensive.  

This is why I am supporting Richard Lake for the board. He has stated that no idea should be discarded if feasible just because a few do not agree with it.  In addition, Richard has stated “leaving the golf course as is, should not be a viable solution.”

He does not want to see all the vacant golf course land replaced with houses nor does he want to see it remain an eyesore and potential dust bowl.  In addition, Richard is not being promoted by any special interest group such as the CWC which is focused on their individual interests in the community negating any open discussion involving even a small amount of development.  Richard is open to all ideas.

Richard Lake feels that to leave the golf course “as is” would be unfair to the community as a whole in order to satisfy the wishes of a small contingent of homeowners.  He is concerned with the impact of this on the entire community.  The property values of those not living on the golf course must also be taken into consideration.  It would seem that the Club West Conservancy candidates are focused mainly on those living along the course.  

On an additional point, some candidates have recommended the platform of term limits, which sounds good, except that in the past, our community has had difficulty in even having people willing to run and serve on the board.  So, if we have term limits, and not enough candidates run to fill offices…what then?  Just asking.

- Elspeth Gadzik


Law of the land to be

unconstitutionally overturned

By forcing prosecutors to treat abortion as murder, Republican state Rep. Walt Blackman has gone too far introducing a bill to do so this year. If passed, this bill will prosecute all participants in the abortion process, from nurse to doctor to pregnant woman, as a murderer, to include the death penalty as punishment for this act. 

For years Cathi Herrod, president of Center for Arizona Policy, struts the halls unescorted at the Capitol proselytizing her anti-abortion bills, waiting for a lemming to put his or her name on any of a number of dramatic bills to counter the law of the land, Roe v. Wade. This year she found that lemming in Blackman, representing Snowflake, who is sponsoring what will be the harshest abortion law in the United States. 

It’s amazing to me I’m still vigilantly being forced to defend the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows legal abortions. Legislators, please stay out of my reproductive rights. 

-Marie Colangelo


Packing Club West HOA board of directors

I live on the Club West Golf Course. I am a board member of Save Club West and member of Concerned Club West Homeowners.  I am also a member of the advisory group to Community Land Solutions (CLS).  CLS is a consultant to current golf course owner - The Edge. The following is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any of the groups listed above.

Since 2016, I have focused on obtaining facts and accurate data regarding the Club West Golf Course debacle and learning more about the functions and limitations of our HOA BOD.  I just completed a redo of the demographic study of Club West parcels I did in 2016 using more effective tools: 345 homes have a full, partial, or frontal view of the golf course, not 357 per previous study. The number of homeowners who paid a premium for golf course lots could not be determined. The 345 homes represent 13% of the total homes in the community.

Club West residents have been exposed to numerous propaganda publications from the Club West Conservancy.  These various emails, posts on Nextdoor website, letters to the editor in AFN, mailers, etc. are filled with inaccurate statements and messaging.

CWC was invited to collaborate with the HOA, CLS and CCWH on “creative solutions” for the golf course property.  After initial discussions, they decided to sue the Club West HOA board, thereby severing any collaborative effort. And they publicly criticized the HOA for spending homeowner money to defend the lawsuit. All HOA legal fees associated with this lawsuit (including Tim Barnes) are being paid by the HOA insurance company. However, the insurance premium could go up because of this.

It has become obvious that the CWC wants a golf course solution that excludes any new homes being built on the golf course. They are happy with doing nothing. Everyone in the community would love to see the Club West Golf Course restored. This is not economically feasible or sustainable.

CWC members advocate suing the golf course owner to restore the golf course just like Lakes Golf Course homeowners did.  The CWC thinks Club West CC&R’s relative to the golf course are the same as The Lakes. They are not. Represented by Tim Barnes (Club West HOA attorney), the homeowners have won the legal battles but the Lakes Golf Course site remains a blighted eye sore and the war may not be over.

The CWC feels the Club West HOA should sue the golf course owner. The only way this can happen is if four members from the CWC or residents who agree with their philosophy are elected to the HOA board, forming a majority.

The board can unilaterally pursue litigation. This decision is made during an executive session. No homeowner knowledge, input or vote is required. The costs of such action would not be covered by insurance and ultimately come from Club West homeowners.

All Club West homeowners should have received a mailer listing four CWC candidates for the board.  These four candidates all live on the golf course (Holes 12-14) and are within a 450-foot radius of each other. In addition to philosophical differences, the addition of these people to the FCW board will not be fair to 87 percent of the community who do not enjoy a golf course view.

It may be good to have some representation from this group on the board but not more than one. I have no idea how the community could pick just one or limit selection to three. So, I am not going to vote for any of the CWC candidates.  

I recommend non-CWC Club West homeowners vote in the same manner. I do not want to see the Club West board packed and our money spent on a fruitless endeavor.  I hope a record number of Club West homeowners vote in this critical election. 

-John Ealy

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