John Rodriguez

John Rodriguez

As a community organizer I have hosted debates and town halls for more than 30 candidates for elected office and I have not written an editorial about why an elected official should not be reelected, until now.

I believe Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio should no longer serve the voters of Maricopa County and here’s why.

Recently, I watched a television ad running with the speaker saying Arpaio is a tough opponent of animal abuse. I like that, but in 2007 there were 400 victims of sex crimes who expected to have lady justice on their side but Arpaio failed to adequately investigate these crimes or just did nothing. Of these 400 sex crimes, there were 32 children who were violated by some of these criminals with little or no investigations.

Having four children of my own, I can’t imagine what the parents of those 32 children do or say to their abused child. And if my wife or a daughter were sexually abused I, too, would expect swift and harsh penalties for those criminals. Arpaio, are the children and women who were sexually abused not worthy of your constitutional requirement to protect them? Being tough on animal abuse is more important than those ladies and children who were abused? For the record, both are bad.

Arpaio was also charged with a misuse of funds sending deputies on trips to Alaska and Disneyland. That’s right, sending deputies to Disneyland while those 32 molested children are stuck here with no protection.

Closer to home, many in my community, the Latino community, continue to be targets of Arpaio in his raids targeting Latino businesses. If you look like me, have a Latino last name like me, you are treated differently than Anglos, trust me I’ve seen the Arpaio “storm troopers” in action.

Let’s continue to get rid of those who do more damage to our state than good, as voters fired J.D. Hayworth; Russell Pierce, the only state legislator to be recalled; Andrew Thomas, who was disbarred; and Will Cardon, a radical candidate much like Arpaio who was handily defeated by Jeff Flake.

Now, I do believe that there should be some reasonable solution to immigration reform and I also support defending our border. I also was disgusted with Arpaio traveling all across the United States supporting candidates who were as radical as him. It would have been nice for the sheriff to have traveled across Arizona looking for those 400 sex criminals.

Adding the costs outweighing the benefits, Arpaio has cost the Maricopa voters tens of millions of dollars of legal fees for his misdeeds while being Maricopa County Sheriff.

Misuse of power, election law violations, misuse of funds, violation of county procurement rules, racial profiling along with a long list of other violations of an elected official is why I ask Maricopa County voters to join me in supporting Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff. If not for me, do it for the women and children Arpaio failed to protect.


• Ahwatukee Foothills resident John D. Rodriguez is a community organizer and a licensed sports agent in Arizona. Reach him at or (602) 526-7512.

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Mr. Rodriquez,

With all due respect, but your editorial in the Ahwatukee Foothills News Sunday - Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has To Go - was a good one until your last paragraph. Your opinion on why Arpaio has to go was right on and you could have gone in more detail but I understand with this publication you only have so much space to express your views unless you published your editorial in The Phoenix New Times.

You mentioned one of Arpaios TV Ads that portrays Arpaio as a tough opponent of animal abuse and you obviously pointed out that Arpaio was more tough on animal abuse then he was with child and women abuse and supporting that statement by mentioning the crimes against chidren and women that Arpaio not only failed to investigate but neglected to investigate.

However, I think you should have also mentioned another TV Ad that says Meet The Real Joe Arpaio. So, who in the world has been the sheriff for Maricopa County the last 20 years? In this ad it portrays Arpaio as a super cop who at one time was even kidnapped? This ad was so misleading and false that I cant believed it was aired. We in the law enforcement community know better! But, here is the problem. The voters of Maricopa County have no clue that the ad is misleading and false and that is the key to Arpaios success on this Meet The Real Joe Arpaio ad!

In the beginning of your editorial about Arpaio you mention that - You have never written an editorial about why an elected official should not be reelected, until now. Well you still havent! You had a good editorial going on why Sheriff Joe Arpaio should not be relected until you mentioned Paul Pazone. Once you asked the voters of Maricopa County to join you in supporting Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff. Your editorial now became - Why You Should Elect Paul Pazone For Maricopa County Sheriff. Your editorial on why Sheriff Joe Arpaio should not be elected was a disappointment to say the least and for you to think that even though a lot of voters in Maricopa County agree with you on why Sheriff Joe Arpaio Should Go the notion that they should join you in supporting Paul Pazone for Maricopa County Sheriff is ludicrous.

Paul Pazone is a 20 year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department who in the beginning of this year threw his name in the hat to run against Arpaio. Did you know that the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) supports Sheriff Joe Arpaio and that PLEA supports Arpaios immigration policies and SB 1070? Do you know if Penzone was a PLEA member before he retired from the Phoenix Police Department or if he is still a PLEA member (a lot of retired Phoenix PD still maintain their PLEA membership after retirement}?

Mike Stauffer is the other person running for Sheriff of Maricopa County. Stauffer has a lot more law enforcement experience then Pezone. Stauffer threw in his name in the hat for Maricopa County Sheriff early of 2011. Stauffer has command level and administrative experience which Penzone lacks of. Mike Stauffer has no connection with the Phoenix Police Department or its PLEA organizaton. If Arpaio wins again, well you can thank Penzone for it.

36% of the voters in Maricopa County are Republicans, 35% are Independants, and 29% are Democrats. Do the Math!




Mr. Rodriguez,

I have to agree with Adam.

I would also add that Sheriff Joe has to go because he thinks he is above the law. Please review the Deputy Stoddard file stealing that started the whole thing with Judge Donahue and ended with the disbarrment of Andrew Thomas.

All these lawsuits of Joe's have cost AZ taxpayers about a billion dollars. The only insurance we can buy has a $5million deductable and does not cover defense expenses.

However, I will not vote for Penzone. That was wrong of the Democrats to do. He will not win. Without the independent votes, you can't beat Joe. I am voting for Stoddard just because he is the best man for the job. He won't win but neither will Penzone. If the democrats really wanted Joe gone, they shouldn't have run Penzone. Maybe the dems really want Joe there so they can keep the 2 party system going.

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