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GOP lawmakers’ joke of an audit is distracting 

As the GOP volunteers grapple with the count of the 2.1 million Maricopa County paper ballots at the state fairgrounds, the world media is focusing on this action as an outrageous Arizona frivolity.   

The roar of the Arizona voter fraud conspiracists catapulted into yet another audit folly, of which three independent audits previously denounced any ballot count wrong doings.

 Most authorities believe the Arizona GOP audit will be completed optimistically by July. At that time our sacred ballots will have been handled four times with my prediction of zero ballot count errors. 

When this zero-error result is verified, can we then allow the media to turn its attention to real issues like immigration reform, infrastructure funding, homelessness, drug abuse, private prison reform and an issue that affects Arizona specifically, our soon-to-be water shortage?

Will the GOP finally stop their vacuous chant of voter fraud?

-Mary Lou Moore


Outside Ahwatukee, homeless problem keeps growing

We Tukeeans are privileged to see little if any homeless people with their grocery carts, backpacks filled with treasures of life and pop-up tents.

My snowbird Montana uncle requested that I show him the highlights of downtown Phoenix. After a two-hour tour of Desert Botanical Gardens, we tackled the Phoenix frontier with the downtown ASU campus dominating the light rail trail and the Heard Museum a cherished tour. 

As I approached the Capitol and other state buildings, we drove in silence as I intentionally routed through the many blocks of the homeless, some riding bikes, some peeping from tents, some just meandering in the Phoenix sun. 

Silence was broken when we asked each other, “What can we do about this?”

 We cited earlier progress with homeless veterans and yet both agreed that minds better than ours must command a more universal solution, and that a solution is needed. 

Homelessness must be on a TO DO tackle list for our elected officials. Please make it so.

-CJ Briggle

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As the AZ Senate has stated repeatedly the vote audit is not about fraud in the 2020 election. Try to pay attention.

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