I was born and raised in Arizona by my wonderful parents who have always been active in the issues that shaped our beautiful state. My father’s first job after attending Arizona State University was as a land planner for the City of Phoenix. 

He eventually was able to realize his dream and opened his own Architectural firm in Old Town Scottsdale, where I worked for several years learning about zoning and responsible urban and suburban progress. 

Being raised in this environment fueled my passion for Arizona’s growth and taught me how critical it is to have strong leaders who understand the core tenants of what builds solid foundations for strong, safe communities and a welcoming business environment.

Two areas that I believe are critical to the wellbeing of LD18 – pre-  and post-COVID-19 – are education and economy. 

We are welcoming over 250 new residents to Arizona daily, making Maricopa County the fourth largest county in

the nation.

As a licensed real estate professional in Arizona since 1995 and currently serving as a commissioner on the Ahwatukee Village Planning Committee, I can tell you that with this kind of incredible growth, it is essential to protect policy (and lack thereof) that promotes a business friendly environment to entice the nation’s top employers and educators to our state that can best prepare and provide our citizens with the jobs that will carry us into the future.

 I have read reports saying that Arizona schools are some of the fastest improving schools. While this is good news as it helps drive up property values in our neighborhoods and appeals to new businesses, I feel the improvement needs

to continue. 

COVID-19 has exposed many issues that need to be addressed. I will call for transparency on what curriculum is being used and how our education dollars are being spent. 

As a parent of three children who have gone through the Kyrene public schools and a 28-year resident of this district, I believe our first responsibility is to ensure we always do what is in the best interest of our students followed by making sure we take care of our teachers. 

We want to attract and keep the brightest and most talented teachers by making sure they get the pay and benefits they deserve. 

This is why I believe in school choice. When there is a choice there is competition and where there is competition there is excellence. Our children deserve excellence in education and the same opportunities for success should be available to all regardless of a parent’s financial status.

Recently, research has shown that school choice has had a positive impact on communities that lack good public schools because their programs allow families to separate housing choices from education choices. 

While we here in LD18 are blessed with quality schools this benefits us in other ways such as allowing parents who may work within a different district to be able to choose a more convenient school near their workplace.

As your senator, I will work to eliminate excessive government interference in our lives and fight for common sense, transparency and legislative restraint to prevail in all areas of our lives as Arizonans. 

I believe that over-regulation is the death knell of prosperity, freedom, and opportunity. 

This has been a unique election cycle to say the least as COVID-19 has created some unique challenges to our state as well as highlighting some of our weaknesses and opportunities. 

I believe that if we deal with these issues swiftly using constitutional principles, we can come back stronger showing the rest of the country how we as Arizonans will always rise above and shine. 

I will work to re-open Arizona fully and safely, protecting us now and from such harmful shutdowns in the future.

Please visit my website at to learn more about me and what I stand for. 

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