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Don’t get blindsided by what’s about to happen

Kudos to both Jan Johnson and Don Crook for their letters to the editor in the July 22 edition of AFN.

Many will take offense to Jan’s article entitled “Unhinged fanatics, not Trump, are the Problem.”  And many will not agree with her opinions, but (in my opinion), she is right on when she calls rioters “brain-dead loons.” 

It is more than hurtful to see the needless destruction wrought by these far-left rioters who have been whipped into a mindless frenzy by the corrupt media.  This entire pandemic, rioting, looting, abolishing the police, and basic anarchy has been orchestrated by the moronic left wingers, the Democratic Party, the mob-incited rioters and by the Chinese government.  

This group of gangsters will do anything to overthrow President Trump and his administration, especially since the Democrats were unsuccessful in impeaching the President. 

And to Don Crook, I say your article entitled “China is trying to take over America, dominate world,” may shock some and antagonize others, but there is great truth in your statements. 

Many people around the world have buried their heads in the sand when it comes to placing blame for our current pandemic.  President Trump was crucified for calling the pandemic the “China Virus” but like so many brutally truthful comments he has made, the left-wing goons and power-hungry Democratic Party take great pride in constantly bashing anything the President says about everything. 

Can you imagine how powerful this country could be if only the Democrats and Republicans worked together to solve problems rather than creating them?  

Our government is creating a crisis of epic proportion.  It’s obvious that the government wants to make Americans more dependent, while taking away their basic rights. Since the Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers, they will most certainly vote for a socialist party to win the White House.  

The socialist/Marxists have promised to erase the Millennials financial woes by providing FREE everything.  Too bad the Millennials don’t understand the concept “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  They are deeply in debt and their future looks bleak.  They are looking for a quick fix – an easy handout from the government. 

I invite you to read both articles because we need to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

No, I’m not a pessimist – I’m a realist who loves the freedom we enjoy in America!  Don’t get blindsided by what’s about to happen.  Take action personally to protect yourself – get the facts!

-Jan Radcliff


Dem HQ fire could be voter suppression

When normal voter suppression doesn’t work, fire bomb the Arizona Democratic headquarters with only two months before the election. Who would benefit the most from this violent crime? Is this another Watergate? 

In 1972, we couldn’t believe such a thing could happen. It took a year and a half to prove it.

Could this be a foreign country plot on giving a tutorial on how to win elections? Is there a link between reports of once-a-month phone calls between Washington and Moscow for the last seven months? The authorities may have a lead from area surveillance cameras.

It’s hard to believe any Republicans condone this kind of hostile, destructive action. We are all Americans in the fight for Democracy, just like they did 250 years ago. Everyone should demand fair elections otherwise; Fascism will replace our Democracy.

-Carol Sampson

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