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Disputes letter on shootings as reflecting media bias

If I may, the letter regarding questions raised by media perpetrated shootings is full of false information. First off, there are no military weapons available to the general public for purchase, none, zero. Secondly, there is no such thing as an assault rifle, as assault is an action, inapplicable to an inanimate object.

If we are to address any issues with regards to mentally unstable people shooting innocent people, to include a percentage of police officers, we must look at the root cause, not the object used.

Despite media attempts to incite fear and unrealistic reaction by picking select stories, being honest about the why is the first step.

Parroting the same unfounded calls to limit an individual’s right to own weapons that are not connected to these incidents have been shown to not impact the criminal action of mentally unstable people intent on doing harm to innocent people.

Two things were factual.

For the media, regardless of source, the comment “if it bleeds, it leads” is a macabre truth regarding media and deserves a look at for the fact that it isn’t necessary to glorify these incidents which the media tends to do. They never put the perpetrator front and center, they put the object used, particularly when it’s a firearm.

Two, more folks are actually killed by simple handguns than these media glorified “mass shootings.” Daily people are sadly killed by myriad of objects that could stand to be regulated way more than firearms already are.

To bring in a horrible shooting, again, pushed by media, to say there is systemic racism is shameful as well as finishing it with “even the Capitol fiasco no one was shot that many times” is icing on the cake of someone not seeing the bigger issue with regard to how we as a society move in positive, impactful ways to ensure the folks that decide to lay harm to their fellow citizens do not see it as an option.

There are people that will listen, that will assist. We all could stand to learn about each other and communicate

and educate locally as this has been shown to be not limited to one particular part of the country or one particular ethnicity, as such it cannot be fixed on a national scale.

It starts at home, and in our communities. It starts with understanding the facts surrounding these incidents, not parroting what the media portrays.

-Mark E Falco

Cartels don’t put fentanyl in people’s mouths

How can we blame China, Mexico and the Cartels for our Fentanyl deaths;

they don’t put the pill in the mouth of our youth.

West Point cadets “inadvertently” took Fentanyl last spring break, our college kids and our teens are noted for taking fentanyl and dying but who is to blame?

Maybe we should start looking at: our culture, our waning morals and our declining religious values.

-Jane Emery

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