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Why I am running for Club West HOA Board

My name is Anthony “Beau” Burgess, I have lived in Ahwatukee for 19 years and I am running for the Foothills Club West HOA Board of Directors.  

I am running because I care about our community, our home. We have all seen a lot of development in our area with the new 202 freeway and 192 new homes in the Palmas Brisa development near the Post Office.  

Now we understand that the land will be developed west of 17th Avenue, adding hundreds of new homes. I do not think we should be looking to jam more new homes on the Club West golf course land.  

It is also time for some fresh perspectives on this board.  What I have witnessed as a member of the community is that you really cannot ask questions at the monthly HOA Board meetings.  The continued unprofessional manner that our current board operates with is simply unacceptable.  

Board members discuss important topics like the golf course only in monthly secret executive sessions. That is not transparent or helpful.  Their refusal to work with the community or work in positive manner to find resolution for the golf course space saddens me. 

In addition, I have heard numerous people in our community expressing great dissatisfaction with the architectural approval process, unjustified charging of residents for repairs to shared “common walls” and outright disrespectful behavior to members of our community. 

I think it is safe to say it is time for some fresh faces on this board.  Most of these members have been serving well over 10 years and many for over 20 years. 

After participating in numerous HOA meetings, it is very evident that the existing board lacks the capacity and skills to properly provide the oversight our community needs.  We need proactive Board members who will research other options besides new houses and come back to community with various detailed, cost options to consider.

Let us thank them for their time of the past, but it is time to look forward with some new people who can offer fresh ideas, solutions and perspectives. 

I would greatly appreciate your vote so I can work to take positive steps to improve our community.

-Beau Burgess 


It’s time for change on the Club West Board of Directors

My name is Kristy Rockafellow and I am running as a candidate for the Foothills Club West Board of Directors.

When I moved to Ahwatukee from Mesa in 2010 with my family, we were overwhelmed with the sense of community and the friendly neighbors we found here. The appeal of “coming down the hill” and seeing the beauty of Club West was an amazing sight.  

Ahwatukee and Foothills Club West felt like a small town with big city benefits.  In fact, one reason we bought the particular house we did was because all of the neighbors hanging out together in their driveways the first time we looked at the house were so friendly.  We feel so lucky and so blessed to have such amazing neighbors and community around us each day.   

Despite the current state of the golf course, we have seen good things happening on the golf course over the last year.  We’ve seen people walking their dogs, neighbors striking up conversations, kids out riding bikes with their parents, people practicing their golf swings, school running clubs out training, painted rocks being shared alongside the cart path, and also the beauty of the desert plants blooming in the spring.  

We have also taken notice that some FCW residents have taken it upon themselves to clean up the golf course property behind their homes.  People here in FCW truly care about their homes, their neighbors, and this community. 

The prospect of losing any of the golf course property to new houses in Club West is disheartening to me.  However, whatever the outcome, the single most important factor needs to be that all decisions are made with open discussion, complete transparency and in compliance with the HOA’s governing documents.   

This is something I believe is currently lacking.  

One thing I have noticed in attending the board meetings over the last year is that they are very resistant to community input. People have tried to share ideas with the board as solutions to the golf course property, but are ignored or discounted. 

Do you remember when they had the residents vote on a question asking if they should explore acquisition of the golf course?  The community voted in favor of it, but nothing was ever done. 

I have 20+ years as an engineer with Nissan.  In my 10+ years living in Club West, I also have devoted myself to serving the community in various civic volunteer activities.  A full statement of my background and qualifications is included in the ballot you will receive shortly in the mail.

The FCW annual BOD election is coming up very soon.  Four of our current board members are up for re-election.  I think it is time for a change.  They have all served on the board for far too long.  I am running for the FCW BOD and am asking for your vote. 

 I will bring honesty, integrity, and transparency.  I am for term limits for board members, for open HOA meetings, will welcome community input, and I am against any housing or other development on the golf course. I will work for this entire community and with the residents to find a permanent solution for the golf course property.  

-Kristy Rockafellow


Ready to roll up my sleeves for Club West HOA board

I’m running for a seat on the Club West Homeowners Association Board, my name is James Siart. I have been a resident of Ahwatukee for 32 years and in Club West for 12. 

Upon arriving in Ahwatukee, I became active in various community groups, one of which worked with Del Webb, City of Phoenix Council and the Foothills Community Association to achieve an acceptable solution for re-zoning an area now known as the “The Sanctuary” (Chandler Blvd. & 19th Street) from condos and apartments to custom home sites.

In my job, working with global IT clients and a multitude of various partners managing complex IT environments, negotiation is a constant necessity as environments change and new requirements are presented.

Similar conditions exist for Club West.  Water that was planned at a lower rate though reclamation was withdrawn by the City. Rates for potable water from the City is expensive and constantly rising in our current climate cycle. 

 This economic pressure on how we utilize water for landscaping, parks and yes, golf courses continues to escalate.

Is our quick fix solution to remove all open land and replace it with homes and gravel?

Meanwhile other changes are occurring in our community, like the opening of the Loop 202 freeway.  This changed Ahwatukee from the largest cul-de-sac in the world into an accessible area from either the east or west sides of Phoenix.  

Adding to these changes will be the continued development of homes west of 17th Avenue and Chandler. 

This will bring in more than a thousand new homeowners and associated development areas and will lead to increased demand for water for landscaping, recreation areas and open spaces.

I believe solutions exist to fix the issues facing Club West.  A fix will not come about by waiting for some benefactor to drop their “solution” into our lap.  That comes with an expensive ask from that benefactor.  The fix, in my mind comes from a collaborative effort among multiple parties.  

This will require Club West HOA Board members able to think outside the box, explore partnerships, develop potential solutions, and openly present these to the Club West homeowners for their approval.

I’m willing to put my efforts into this endeavor to fix the issues facing Club West.  I will not stay on the board beyond two years as I think new thought leadership is healthy for communities.  I ask for your vote so I can roll up my sleeves and start working on a solution for all of us.  

-James Siart


Selecting Club West HOA Board requires thought 

My name is Steve Maize. I have worked in the golf industry for 25 plus years and was the head professional / general manager at Club West for four years. 

With all that is going on in our neighborhood I have made the decision to try and be a part of the solutions, by seeking a seat on the Club West HOA Board of Directors. 

I am open minded to any and all ideas towards a resolution for the property so that each and every homeowner can have a voice in its outcome. I am not one who finds bad mouthing others as a way to solve our problems; it is not healthy for our community.  

I also have not taken an oath to zero development of any kind because the community needs to hear all the options on how to best restore the property to the wishes of the majority of the community. 

I think it is important to note that a seat on the HOA board will require attending to many other issues than just the golf course and I look forward to addressing and working on all issues as they come up working to do what is needed and best for the community on all issues.

If the community finds a plan of restoring the course is what they want, my years in the golf trade would be a real benefit. I have strong relationships with the City of Phoenix, Salt River Project and Gila River Indian Community that would be useful in trying to resolve water issues. 

I know first-hand every detail of Club West Golf Course and would be able to be a help on the many issues it will face.

My family and I cherish the Club West community and all that it holds. We bought our home on the golf course in the hopes it would be restored. I am motivated by my dedication to this goal and my dedication to the community. 

I have witnessed first-hand the mistakes of the previous owners and understand the challenges and stigmatization of the former Club West Golf Course.

I ask for your vote so I may represent you, your family and our community.

-Steve Maize

Neighbor seeks to enrich Club West’s spirit 

Now that 2021 is upon us, we have an opportunity to reflect on 2020.  While this year will remain infamous for many reasons, it truly became a period of time that tested our character.  

How did we address our struggles and fears?  How did we treat others?  For me, 2020 will be a year in which I drew closer to those who live nearby, albeit from a socially acceptable distance.  I’ve met so many remarkable people who have inspired me and have invested in me.

I am running as a candidate for the Foothills Club West Board of Directors because I feel that Foothills Club West has given me so much more than I could have imagined during my move here. I feel so blessed and I hope to give back to my wonderful group of neighbors. 

I previously served elsewhere for six years as an HOA president, and that experience as well as my professional business insight as an engineer focused on R&D and strategy will enable me to get things done. Read more about my expertise in my bio that comes with the ballot.

The slower pace of life in 2020 allowed me to contemplate what community means at a deeper level.  We have so much more in common than a street address.  We all have the same desires to be loved, to have peace, and to feel secure.  We want to live in an environment where we feel valued, supported, and more than simply number tiles above a garage.  

Club West board members need to recognize they must engage with, and listen to, homeowners.  They need to conduct themselves in an open and transparent manner and lead the community toward solutions that don’t include housing or commercial development on the golf course land.

This is truly a community of character where people put their own needs aside to help each other. Please vote for me so I can fulfill my hope to reflect that character by serving the incredible people of Foothills Club West.

-Julie Tyler 

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