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Club West resident pens ‘open letter to The Edge (and CWC?)’

I read, as I am sure many others did, with great interest the Edge’s “InfoMercial” in the recent editions of the AFN. All I can say is: “What arrogance.”

Let me state for the record that I am not and never have been a member of Club West Conservancy.

First, even the most naïve person would assume that the Edge DOES have a development plan for the former Club West Golf Course (the “property”). For The Edge not to have a plan flies in the face of every business principle. As a matter of fact, as has been reported previously in the AFN, The Edge does have a development plan for the “property” but did not want to present it because the HOA Board would not grant The Edge time to do so.

Secondly, The Edge states that only homeowners who bought from UDC may have a claim against the Edge because the “property” is not a golf course. Even if that is true, The Edge cannot violate their rights by making them accept any offer The Edge may make, if any.

However, The Edge’s supposition is wrong. My real estate lawyer has informed me that the guarantee made by UDC transfers to subsequent owners, like myself, who bought their property while the “golf course” was operational. In addition, all homeowners have a right to their existing mountain views.

Thirdly, the Edge’s $5MM lawsuit against the Tylers shows only one thing: That The Edge is, in my opinion, the big bully in the room as you became vindictive when you lost in court. If The Edge had won, bulldozers would have been on the “property” by now moving dirt. (Please note that I have called for the resignation of Ms. Tyler from the HOA Board of Directors to ensure that her legal situation does not get entangled with the HOA.)

And finally, The Edge can end all this litigation by making a reasonable proposal to ALL homeowners that border the “property.” Since The Edge appears unable/unwilling to do so, let me propose the following:

For homeowners that border the “property,” each homeowner should receive:

At least 50 feet of property extending 180 degrees from their existing property lines into the “property” and,

A cash settlement based upon their linear footage that borders the “property.” Given the premium paid for these lots, $500/linear foot would appear to be reasonable.

The Edge would have the right to build houses on the property with the following restrictions in that each house must:

be only one story, having a maximum height of 25 feet,

have a lot size of at least 10,000 square feet and,

have a setback of at least 100 feet from any existing house.

In addition, The Edge must build a community center, like the one that was associated with the 2020 Taylor Morrison development project. Upon completion, the ownership and operational responsibility of this center would be transferred to the HOA.

I hope this “proposal” generates some discussion. CWC – are you listening?

-Thomas Bell

He’s running for the Foothills Association Board of Directors

The Foothills Community Association Board of Director’s election is right around the corner. I have announced my candidacy for the board and would like to introduce myself to those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

I’m Joel Kordis, and my wife, Jill, and I live in the Foothills. While I’m not a politician, I believe in giving back to our community. Currently, I sit on the election committee and the landscape committee for our association.

If elected, one of my goals is to preserve the beauty and desirability of our community as one of the top in the valley. There are also important issues facing our community and I’m prepared to work on these in the best interest of our residents.

Recent news surrounding a possible sale the Foothills Golf Course, growing concerns over water resources, new developments impacting our roads and retailers and – close to my heart – the safety of our community are matters I am ready to step up and serve as a representative for you.

My background includes 22 years in public safety as a first responder

and instructor, past service on the all-volunteer Rancho Bernardo, California Town Council and currently a member of two Foothills Community Association committees.

Academically I have an undergraduate degree in public administration, a graduate degree in business management and a post graduate degree in motivational psychology. In 2019 I also became an ordained chaplain.

I encourage you to come out and vote in the upcoming Board of Directors’ election as there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I pray I have earned your vote.

-Joel Kordis

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