Paige Reesor

Running for Tempe Union is a personal story for me, as I am a middle school art teacher in Tempe. 

I have been serving in the public-school system for seven years. I strive to inspire these students in their academic career by giving them the confidence to be successful.

 I have the opportunity to continue my professional work and impact the same students as they continue to move onto the high school level.

 If elected to the board, I will contribute my valued perspective as a Tempe teacher, as I collaborate with our neighboring school districts.

As an educator, I regard student success as my highest priority, and I understand that achievement can look different for each student. Supporting individual student strengths and needs, establishing strong relationships with students, parents and community members, as well as encouraging students to find their voice are three key ways that we can help all students blossom and accomplish great things.

I observe and understand what our students go through on a daily basis, so I want to ensure they have adequate resources to be successful academically and emotionally in high school.

 We should focus on preparing our students for the future, whether their future is in pursuing a talent, enrolling in a university, attending a trade school, owning a small business, joining the military, volunteering, or becoming an apprentice.

 I feel college readiness should be a part, but not the only focus, as we prepare our students for the future. We should be also steering them towards other options like trade school, art school or allied-health programs that celebrate our students’ strengths and talents.

Going to public school showed me what I want all students to have access to in their educational experience.

As a student growing up struggling with attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, I worried I might not be successful in school. 

Luckily, I had early intervention, involved parents and dedicated teachers that not only helped me in my reading and writing skills, but encouraged my enthusiasm for learning in math, social studies, science and especially art.

I became a teacher because I wanted to inspire students to overcome their challenges and find their strengths in their academics, the same way I did with the encouragement of parents and great teachers.

 I am passionate about creating the best learning environment for my students. I also want to be a voice for my students outside of the classroom. 

Everyday, I have the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life and give them an outlet to find their own voice through art. It is rewarding to see my students get excited about their education and start to figure out who they are as an individual. 

This is the passion that keeps me striving to do more for them.

I hope to have one of your three votes for this election to see a teacher perspective on the board.

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