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Club West course is

different from Lakes case

In response to the recent editorial by Diane Hoelzl in the AFN:

Some in Club West see the court case regarding The Lakes as encouragement to hold out for Club West to be returned to a full 18-hole golf course.  

Those in Club West need to remember that, for one, our CC&R’s are different from The Lakes.  Our CC&R’s, unlike The Lakes, do not state that our golf course must remain a golf course.  Please refer to your CC&R’s, Section 12. 

Thus, the argument that a precedent has been set is not a valid argument. 

Secondly, the residents at Club West have not even had the opportunity to vote on any proposed land use plan. 

The Lakes had their opportunity, and voted it down; now, seven years later they still are looking at a mess in their community and who knows how much longer this will drag on.  

All I am urging is that people have an open mind and consider all options.

Thirdly, The Lakes does not have the water issue that Club West has.  Solutions to this problem have been researched and searched for several years now to no avail. 

What is transpiring is not a mere “change in economic conditions making it unprofitable to operate a golf course” as stated in The Lakes case, but a change in actual physical properties (i.e.: no water now).

I would love to see a green golf course again here at Club West, but we need to face reality and facts. 

The water issue is only going to get worse as our population grows and makes sustainability a growing concern.  

We have 2,600 homeowners here in Club West, should a small, vocal minority (i.e., Club West Conservancy) dictate what is best for our community?  

We haven’t even seen a proposal by The Edge and already people are saying no!  What ever happened to compromise and keeping in mind what is best for the community as a whole?  

I, for one, would like to move forward and get this issue resolved; I don’t feel that waiting several more years is an acceptable option while we continue to drag this through the court system at considerable time and expense.

-Beth Gadzik


Governor Ducey fallen from grace with some in GOP

Yes, Governor Ducey seems to have fallen from grace among a gob of the GOP legislators and GOP insiders. 

He disgraced the Administration when he didn’t answer the “Hail to the Chief” song on his phone (designated for direct contact with the Trump Administration) while bravely certifying the Arizona election results last week, contrary to the gob of GOP legislators and GOP insiders who continue to freakishly challenge results.

These 2020 election result challenges, by the way, are still wasting Arizona money as they go through the courts signed on by those GOP legislators and insiders, the same election results that have repeatedly been authenticated as lawful and fraud-free. 

Remember those GOP legislators who tried to do Trump’s bidding to overturn our election results under false pretenses. They will be asking for your vote again in 2022.

-Susan and Doug Arnold.

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