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I am proud to have represented the Club West community in Ahwatukee for many years. Now, it is a community at a crossroads. 

The golf course at Club West has been closed – barring one unfortunately aborted attempt at reopening - since 2016.

Above ground it is in poor condition, with weeds, dead grass, and bushes; below ground much of the course infrastructure has crumbled away. The clubhouse for the course is also shuttered and has been repeatedly broken into and vandalized.

While the new owners are in the process of cleaning it up, this is not what a great Phoenix community such as Club West deserves. The situation negatively impacts quality of life and property values for homeowners. We need solutions, not more acrimony and litigation.

I am ready to work side by side with homeowners, the Club West HOA the Club West Conservancy and the new owners on the Club West course on solving this community problem. 

We need a solution that maximizes and preserves open space at the Club West course. This is my priority.

There appears to be an ongoing process with the new owners of the course working with an advisory group of Club West neighbors on plans to bring new life to the dead golf course.

 The process and plans for the future of the course will eventually lead to the Club West HOA and a vote by homeowners. This is a good thing and democracy at its best.

The community needs to move toward a vote on a proposal for the course. The status quo is not an option for improving property values and the quality of the Club West neighborhood. 

We need a thoughtful plan scrutinized and vetted through a transparent process. The new owners need to answer residents’ questions and address their concerns. Debate should be fierce but also show our commitment to bringing this issue to residents for a vote in the next few months.

A vote among homeowners will make sure all residents and neighbors’ voices are heard on the future of the Club West community – their community. Club West has about 2,600 homeowners. I want everyone at the table.

This is my focus. I want to see neighbors working together with the HOA and the new owners to do what is best for Club West, and their community. 

Golf courses are closing across the country. These are not easy endeavors. But I am confident the Club West community can come together, lift the discourse, and find a positive path to bring new life to the dead course. Other parts of the Valley have done it.

This could make Club West a model for other communities wrestling with closed golf courses. Bringing new and revamped open space will lift property values. Ultimately, it is what my constituents and our neighbors deserve.

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