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The Club West Golf Course property has been sold to an entity known to the community as The Edge/Community Land Solutions (The Edge) which has the stated objective to build homes on the property. 

However, the vast majority of the community does not want new houses constructed, as a recent community-wide survey indicated.   

Early this year, the Club West Conservancy came about organically by concerned homeowners when it became obvious that the Club West HOA Board (BOD) was not interested in a transparent and open process with regard to The Edge’s original proposal to build 160 plus homes on the Club West Golf Course Property.  

With the recent sale of the property, it’s now more critical than ever for Club West homeowners to come together to determine the fate of our community rather than leaving it to others whose only goal is profit, not community.

CWC took note that the BOD had never bothered to survey the community to obtain the opinions of homeowners that it purports to serve.

CWC decided an outreach to the community was long overdue, and, at its own expense, launched a survey in June.    The survey was mailed to each household (2500+) with a “mail back” postcard and also available to be taken online.

The survey results were clear.  

The community does not want homes built on the golf course property.  The community was about evenly divided upon its preference that the property should be used as a golf course (49%) versus parkland (51%).   

Even so, a substantial majority (81%), of Club West households stated that they would prefer the Golf Course Property to remain “as is” rather than have any homes built on the property.  

Of those that live on the Golf Course Property, 96% said that they do not want new homes built behind their houses   (Go to  to see the complete survey results).

The response to the survey was overwhelming with more than 800 received. This rate shows a real community passion regarding the fate of the golf course property and a resounding demand for no homes to be built on the property. 

Voters responded across every neighborhood, including people that live off the golf course (73% of responses) and those who live on the course (23% of responses).  With this strong response, the survey results are projectable to the entire community (+/- 3%) with a 95% confidence level.

To CWC’s knowledge, this response by far surpasses any previous community vote. In fact, more than twice as many residents responded to this survey than voted for any individual BOD member in the last election in March.  

The only other significant response rate was a vote  in March 2019 regarding whether or not the BOD should investigate the HOA buying the golf course, which generated 588 responses (59% of people said “yes” but the BOD apparently never acted upon that vote as no report on their investigation was ever given to the community). 

It’s time for the BOD to display leadership and accept its fiduciary duty to represent the community of homeowners.   Clearly this is not the approach the BOD has chosen.  

Despite the huge negative community reaction last winter to The Edge’s original plan to build homes on the golf course property, the BOD continues to work with The Edge.  Obviously, the BOD doesn’t get it.  New housing isn’t part of the solution here.  

The recent creation of a “community advisory group” was a mirage to make it look like the BOD is including the community.  

However, despite the BOD’s call for “volunteers” and reportedly 50 homeowners answering the call, the BOD announced the committee had been established with only a very few volunteers selected to participate and absolutely no disclosure regarding the names of the selected volunteers or how they were selected or by whom.  

Then, the BOD published a letter stating it had nothing to do with the committee.  Really? 

The survey results speak loudly! The CWC will make sure the BOD, our City Council (including our Councilman Sal Diciccio), and the City of Phoenix Mayor’s office all have a copy of the complete survey results. It is important to have our voices heard and acted upon accordingly.

The community wants to see its open spaces protected. The community is against any plan that favors certain homeowners over others and is not approved by a significant super majority of homeowners.  

It’s time for the BOD to engage with the Club West community and disengage with The Edge unless The Edge is ready to pursue plans that do not include housing. The community has spoken. Will the BOD finally listen?    

Matthew Tyler is president  of the Club West Conservancy.

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