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Questions linger about Lakes Golf Course plan

Congratulations Mr. Gee on you facing the inevitable. “This will never be a golf course again” now is becoming a golf course again, thanks to two ladies’ and others’ persistence. I welcome the day when I can see the green grass.

But there are some questions:

Was water ever an issue before? Now the well is providing, at a $250,000.00 cost, but no problem and oh yes, remember, just replace the 50 or so older sprinkler heads.

Will there be trees on this course? If so, let’s just say there is one tree per acre, that would be 100 trees.

Who will play this course? I think older folks, those who live nearby, those who would find a cart sort of a necessity.

Is this an 18-hole course or is the plan to just play around the four “training” holes - leaving 14 holes?

I am rooting for you Mr. Gee, hoping you can make it happen.

-Jack Kaske


Remaining members of old Club West HOA board should resign

I’ve lived in Club West for about 20 years and have followed this golf course saga for the past decade. The recent ruling from the Arizona Superior Court in favor of the Club West Conservancy left me almost speechless.  But I have to speak out.

The actions of our former Board members were illegal, according to the Court.  But beyond the law, they also appear to be unethical and simply outrageous.  

What most upsets me is the fact that they took a vote in a closed (aka “secret”) executive session in October 2018 to modify the voting process to change the use of the golf course land.  

While virtually all important matters in our HOA legally require an affirmative vote of 67-75 percent of residents, these board members decided to create a process where as few as just 16 percent of residents could potentially approve changes on the golf land to allow new houses, a gas station or who knows what.  What could have prompted this?  

These board members claim that they created the new voting process because it was “good for the community.”  But if it was so “good” for the community, why did they keep it a secret for over two years? 

 These people not only took this action in a closed session, but they also never publicized the fact to residents in the form of meeting minutes on the HOA website or even a simple email to residents. 

They finally “let the cat out of the bag” about two years after their clandestine vote, when they invited the Edge developers to make their pitch for 162 new houses on the land at a monthly Board meeting in January 2020.  

You have to give these people credit for one thing – they sure know how to keep a secret!!

I am glad that the CWC filed this lawsuit because obviously the former board members broke the law, according to the court, and needed to be stopped.  These people put this community through an emotional ringer.  

Their unethical actions invited the threat of unwanted new housing into our community, and pitted resident against resident. I also heard that this lawsuit cost some people a lot of money and they won’t get reimbursed even a nickel for all their trouble. All I can say is “thank you.”

Fortunately, the community has had enough of these former Board members, and recently voted to place four new people on this Board.  But what about Mike Hinz and Thomas Townsend?  Now that the entire community knows they broke the law and acted unethically, what are they still doing on the board?  Should we just wink at their behavior and let it go?? 

 I don’t think so. They should resign immediately.  Are they really going to stay on the board and force the community to go through a protracted recall campaign to remove them?  

Mr. Hinz and Mr. Townsend, please do the right thing and resign now.  

-Chuck Wolfe


Wonders if Bowie works for district or party

Senator Bowie:

I read the article “Bowie laments ‘toughest’ week in legislature” in the 3/17 edition of the Ahwatukee Foothills News. First of all, I want to say that I cannot imagine how hard it is to do the job of legislating at either the state or US levels in times as polarized as right now.

 Along with my empathy, though, I must also share my reactions and requests as one of the citizens that you represent in this 18th district.

In response to your statement: “I’m continuing to work with my colleagues on the Republican side to convince them..., and while we will not be able to stop everything.” 

I must question if your intent is to work on behalf of the people of this 18th district or if you are working only on behalf of a party agenda. You use the language of “sides” and your statement makes it sound as if everything Republicans put up is bad for the state. This is not collaborative language.

 I must ask you for better than that. Your party agenda does not represent me and many others in this district.

I was shocked to read that you “[haven’t] explained [your] vote on a bill in almost two years.” You may campaign on a specific platform and may be affiliated with a specific party, but you are there only on behalf of ALL residents in this district. Explaining yourself absolutely should be part of your responsibilities and I request that you do so, publicly, with transparency and integrity.

I personally have written to you five times (now six) since February and have received no response. I request responsiveness from you and your office.

Please instead seek input from the people of this district. Please find out what we are concerned about so that you can effectively represent. That must include communicating with and seeking input from people who have different opinions. 

You are not there to vote and act upon your beliefs alone, but to represent the people of this district and reflect that in your actions.

Again, I can only imagine how difficult it is right now. As a professional leadership coach, I must offer that since you are now publicly questioning “Do I want to keep doing this...?” Then it is likely now time for you to seriously consider that question right now. 

This is not just a job where you can just continue to punch the clock and collect your paycheck. As someone elected into a public office, it is your duty to represent district constituents, their voices, with energy and vigor. This, your 5th session, may be one too many. Please reflect deeply upon whether you are presently capable of serving this district in the way we deserve.

As an engaged citizen, this time is so very difficult, confusing, and concerning. I do not envy anyone in public office right now and have empathy for you, your family, and your colleagues. Even so, you chose to run for this office, repeatedly, and you have responsibilities. I choose to act upon my responsibilities as an engaged citizen in sharing these thoughts, questions, and requests.

I await your response.

-Holly Pendleton


Arizona construction “boomtown:” here come the cones 

Are the construction orange cones that we maneuver through every day driving you nuts? There’s a reason … Arizona is championing new business everywhere. 

Intel announced expansion of two new plants in Maricopa County and Park Central is rejuvenating with stores, restaurants, picnic tables in green areas and new business fronts. There’s a surf lagoon and entertainment center planned for Mesa while homebuilding can’t keep up the inventory needed for real estate ventures. 

Auto manufacturers for three-wheelers and electric cars move in across the state even as downtown Tempe will see a condo complex where no cars are allowed. After many anxious Glendale City Council debate hours, the West Valley was approved for rezoning in order for 5 new developments to start construction. These are just a few of our state’s new construction features.

Living with orange cones will continue to be an Arizona mainstay as long as companies forecast our state for economic development. My advice? Drive carefully.

-CJ Briggle 


Mass shootings shows need to veto gun bills 

It’s Monday night and I’m sitting in front of the TV, watching another horrific story about a mass shooting in this country. Too numerous to count. This event triggered this letter because of what’s occurring at the Arizona legislature related to guns. 

Anyone concerned about gun safety should be aware of our lawmakers’ recklessness this session. 

They’ve introduced bills to allow loaded guns in all public places (HB2551) and loaded guns in vehicles on K-12 school parking lots (HB 2840).  

 With the fragile emotional state our country is in together with the increase in teenage suicide rates, I cannot see this as a good idea in any sense. There is even a bill to allow state laws to take primacy over federal laws (HB 2111).

If the US Congress has the courage, it could actually pass some common sense gun safety laws this term.  If Congress passes these gun-safety laws, Arizona is only creating a legal hornet’s nest, costing taxpayers millions of dollars to defend its unconstitutional lawmaking.

At this point, many of these bills have probably passed both the House and Senate, so our only recourse is to urge Gov. Ducey to veto them.  Please call him at (602) 542-4331 to tell him to consider the prayer of nearly 80 percent of Arizonans who want more gun safety, not less. Tell him to veto these bills!

Ann Lutz


Too many migrants being allowed into U.S.

Would someone please explain to me how Biden can ignore and break our laws by allowing migrants of any age to freely enter our country? 

Not to mention the $86M he intends to cover their hotel, meals and transportation bills as he buses them to all parts of the USA but especially to red states in an attempt to convert those states to Blue now and in the future. My heart goes out to Texas and Arizona, etc.

Allowing unvetted peoples carrying COVID-19 and other diseases is totally inappropriate, more so; illegal.

These million plus people will not only be a drain medically, educationally and financially on our country at a time of unfortunate recovery from the pandemic but not knowing our laws or speaking our language we will be experiencing motor vehicle accidents, which will increase insurance rates, cause loss of life/limb and we will see a rise in crime as has been evidenced and documented over the past.

God, please bless America and correct Joe’s path.

-Jane Emery


‘Cancel culture’ hiding history for future generations

Dr. Seuss wrote his best work about 70 years ago. He is now being censored for not possessing the psychic power to see into the future seven decades later because he should have changed his values then into what would be “correct” 70 years after. 

His current critics would have held the same values 70 years ago because everyone shared them, just as critics 70 years in the future in 2091 will be censoring our words and images of 2021, because we did not have the foresight to realize that the values of 2091 will be drastically different from ours. 

For many people, toppling statues and banning books and movies and flags or anything from the past because their values are now considered offensive and not as enlightened as ours, is basically a way to prevent young people today from learning about how America’s history was riddled with biases and prejudices, so their self-esteem will not suffer or be scarred forever. 

 “We must protect them,” said one such activist, “by getting rid of America’s past sins.” In contrast, George Santayana said “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” 

How can we learn from that history if all traces of it have been removed? Instead of “Cancel Culture,” we should call it “Hiding History.”

Robert Baron


Arizona is purple and getting bluer all the time

  Arizona is purple now and getting bluer all the time. So, yes it is becoming more liberal. Get used to it!

No one is taking any of your freedoms away. The Cares Act and the American Rescue Plan is not the  “Big Blue State Bailout.” The American Rescue Plan will change the course of the pandemic and deliver immediate and direct relief to families and workers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis through no fault of their own in every state – red or blue or purple. 

It is to benefit all of the people. The money is going to all of the states because they all need help.

Undocumented immigrants and refugees, will not get a stimulus payment just like they don’t receive most federal public benefits.

In his first State of the Union address on Jan. 30, 2018, Trump outlined his administration’s four pillars for immigration reform: a path to citizenship for                  DREAMers; increased border security funding; ending the diversity visa lottery; and restrictions on family-based immigration. He did none of that! 

The only policy Trump had was to separate children from their parents at the border allowing cruel and unusual treatment of these children resulting in many of them being lost to their parents. Possibly forever!! 

You think this was “good policy”??  Do you personally know any refugees to know for a fact they are “MS13 members, drug cartel and child smugglers”??  No, you don’t. 

This is Fox News rhetoric that was swallowed hook, line and sinker.

The Equality Act is federal legislation that would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other civil rights laws to extend protection against discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in public accommodations and facilities, education, federal funding, employment, housing, credit and the jury system. 

Where is any evidence that the Equality Act “hurts churches (who should be paying taxes), the unborn and the average American”???

Children living in states with strict firearm laws are less likely to die from gun violence than those in states with more lax restrictions, according to a study in Pediatrics published March 22, 2021. The         more rigorous the rules, the lower the risk, the  researchers showed. 

 The new results bolster the argument that gun restrictions may help avert some of the 4,250 deaths that occur each year among Americans under age 21, already the second leading cause of death in children after traffic accidents.           

States with stricter gun control laws had 4 percent fewer pediatric deaths, and those with universal background checks for firearm purchases in place for at least five years had a 35 percent lower risk, the study found.

As for Communism, that tired old argument died with Joe McCarthy.

People with a lack of knowledge and full access to a computer are a big part of what’s wrong in this country today. Too many opinions and not enough actual fact.

-Billie Hanson


Disputes letter’s assertions about gun control, other claims

I do not support censorship but there are letters which are published in the Ahwatukee Foothills newspaper which really need an editorial note. Let me point out the falsehoods.

First, no illegals are getting the $1,400 stimulus check. This is pure nonsense. Iran is not getting millions from the Biden Administration. 

Sensible gun control laws are strongly supported by large majorities in the US population including myself. Most of these laws check to see that guns do not land in the hands of mentally unstable people who need medication more than the control of a gun.

 Automatic weapons serve only one purpose, on the battlefield and in a mass shooting of innocent people gathered in a movie theater or mall or grocery store. 

They should be restricted. To equate any Democratic legislation as Communism is just wrong. We have had several Democratic presidents and governments at the national level and none – repeat none – of them has led us to Communism so please don’t bring out the old McCarthy scare tactic from the 50s and scare everybody for no reason whatsoever. 

-Stanley D’Souza

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