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Maricopa County dog ID licenses are lifesavers 

We are all told to have ID tags on our dogs and have them microchipped, which is a good thing. 

 But there’s no substitute for a county dog license. First, it’s required by law to show that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.

 The bigger thing, however, is that if a dog is found and turned in to a county pound, those agencies have access to nearly all the national “lost dog” resource databases as well as other counties’ records, and it makes finding the owner easier than a microchip alone.

I’ve had friends complain that they don’t want to pay for the yearly license renewal (currently $19 annually in Maricopa County for spayed/neutered dog). 

But it’s a solid investment should your pal go missing. And a licensed dog will be given more time in the pound for the owner to reclaim it. 

Further, that yearly fee goes toward maintaining the county shelters to be able to accommodate as many cats and dogs as possible. 

So it’s a good idea to keep that license current. It might save your dog’s life.

-Marc McClenahan


Border wall is far from

‘finished’ and other facts

Jan Johnson makes, among other preposterous statements in her latest venom-filled, paranoid screed masquerading as a patriotic letter to the editor, that the border wall is “almost finished.”

I know the president and his blindly loyal, cult-like followers are never ones to let pesky facts get in the way of their strongly-held opinions, but I did some checking.  

Rather than accept Sean Hannity’s word as gospel, one can find this out from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (gee, I hope THEY aren’t part of the Deep State, too):  

“As of Aug. 7, work had been completed on 30 miles of barriers where none had existed prior to Trump’s presidency... Of that amount, five miles are “primary” barriers…. Funding had been identified for another 157 miles of new wall that’s “in the pre-construction phase,” according to the agency.

I have cross-checked various sources for how much new wall has been built, as opposed to replacement fencing and barriers. The answers vary between three and five miles (whatever it is, Mexico has paid for none of it, by the way). 

No matter how you want to slice it, you have to be a contortionist to twist yourself into saying this means “almost finished.”

ISIS has been eliminated? Uh-huh. And we’re “rounding the corner” on COVID-19, now that it hasn’t “like a miracle, disappeared from our shores.” 

North Korea is under control? Did you miss their latest nuke test last week?

Refusal to acknowledge facts (and science), at some point, needs to be called out for what it is: willful ignorance. The corruption, relentless dishonesty and incompetence of this president and his enablers is staring us square in the face. It’s invisible only to those who choose not to see it.

-Scott Cox


Postal workers deserve

plaudits for their work

Despite the Administration’s false hysteria that the USPS will slow deliver during the election cycle, the massive early voting turnout proves that our country can move in the direction of democracy. 

I dropped my ballot in the mail and was assured by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office it was received, signature-verified and counted. 

Thank you, Letter Carriers and Postal Workers, for your Herculean efforts made to get my ballot to the voting machines.

-CJ Briggle


Addressing mistruths about Trump’s accomplishments

By the time this letter will be printed in the weekly Ahwatukee news, we would already know who is elected as the next President. So it may appear as it is an exercise in futility. 

However, there were so many mistruths in the letter “President subjected to outrageous abuse” last week that I felt compelled to at least respond to some of them with actual facts.

Let me verify “facts” about Trump’s “achievements”:

  6.6 million removed from poverty. This is a number from the WH website which was also provided by Ivanka Trump. The truth about this is at best in question., which is not affiliated with any party but keeps track of poverty levels as well as other statistics, shows the 2019 number at 10.8 percent. A drop of 1.8% under Trump. 

Just for comparison... Obama dropped the poverty level by 2.8 percent in his time of office. The numbers for 2020 are still not out (they are compiled after the tax season) but my guess is with the COVID-19 impact, the number will be higher not lower so Trump actually would have raised the number of people in poverty during his time in office.

Even with 2019 numbers Obama beats Trump.

  Historic low unemployment. The government itself keeps track of this number. When Obama left office the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent. The present unemployment rate under Trump is 7.9 percent. 

That is not a historic low by my math. Obama wins again!

  The wall almost built. There is 1,900-mile border between the US and Mexico and 545 miles were already built under previous presidents. 

All factual accounts and even the WH does not make a claim to have built the complete wall. In fact, Trump claims that he will complete 500 miles by the end of the year and that too will be replacement for the existing 545 miles already built. Almost is a far stretch.

 Yeah Mexico paid for this too – not! The cost is $50 million per mile. That is $25 billion for 500 miles folks.

  ISIS eliminated. To take credit for this is at best very opportunistic. We only had advisors at hand. The Kurds did all the hard work and fighting and then the Russians and regular Syrian army finished ISIS off with their indiscriminate bombing. 

The region is still in shambles and the Kurds have been thrown under the bus by Trump and left to fend for themselves. The folks there have been left to slaughter under COVID-19. 

It is sad to see how our initial involvement under another GOP President has turned the whole region into total chaos.

  Manufacturing jobs brought back to the US. This is a very hollow claim especially when there is no way of verifying this. I tried. 

The only numbers you get is the unemployment rate and as shown previously, unemployment is up, not down.

  Middle class tax-cut. The tax cut has proven to be a bigger boon to the top 1 percent.

As a result, the deficit has sky-rocketed. This tax-cut does not take into account the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent job loss for millions of working Americans. A true measure and impact are hard to come by as a result.

  No Korean missiles aimed at Japan, US and S. Korea. There is no way to measure this claim. In a recent parade, a huge ICBM was showcased by Kim Jung-Un. 

Trump’s “love affair” with Kim, has only aided and abetted a ruthless ruler and killer of his own people to build a bigger ICBM. I wouldn’t tout that “achievement.”

Trumps re-election would have been a cake walk if it were not for his total inept handling of the virus and efforts to control it, with 225,000 people who have needlessly lost their lives. 

China, Japan, S. Korea and a host of other countries did the right thing and controlled their deaths to less than 10,000. 

We only have 5 percent of the population and the world’s “best” healthcare and economy and yet we are number 1 in the death toll? Why?  

I don’t want an incompetent person leading my country, so my vote is: Trump, you are fired. 

-Stan Dsouza

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