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Reader says thanks to all teachers everywhere

If I didn’t realize how important education was I certainly do now. Since having my children home I’ve come to appreciate the incredible value of an education and teachers who know how to teach.

If I could give everyone a 1000 percent raise, I would. 

In this time of COVID, I can barely manage to keep my kids from eating crayons and writing over each other much less anything focused on learning. Each and every teacher deserves it. Thank you all for your tireless service!

-Anastasia Travers


Maricopa County inmates are safe from virus

A friend of mine is employed and has been working at the Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail throughout this pandemic. 

She assures me that Sheriff Paul Penzone implemented policies immediately to maintain extraordinary vigilance about social distancing, mask wearing with daily sterilization of cells within all the Maricopa County jails.  

If detention officers detect any type of abnormal health, that inmate is rushed to the hospital and/or medical area for follow up. Result? No evidence of any COVID-19 spread within the jail housing units. 

Bravo to our Sheriff Paul Penzone and his policies. Safety first.  

-Judy Wade


Protests against pandemic

quarantines ignore science

Several years ago, I was one of the thousands of protesters that went to voice my opinion that President Trump was not the right person to lead this country.  

The reason I bring this up years later is because there is now a governor’s order to maintain social distance, for public safety, and to “stay at home unless it is an essential activity.”  

So, what does the Trump base do? They hold a rally with no social distance, and is certainly not essential, and they risk the lives of fellow Arizonans in the name of liberty and patriotism.  

Holding signs that show the importance of their demands. Things like, “I want a haircut.”  Really, your hair cut is so important it is worth risking my elderly mothers’ life? 

At one point, protesters, surround some nurses trying to make the point that the virus is real, they yell at them that the virus is a hoax and try to berate and intimidate them all while waving the U.S. flag and Trump flags. 

 This group is claiming that COVID-19 is a hoax started by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Fauci has a long and illustrious career as a scientist. Bill Gates has spent millions of dollars on humanitarian causes.

I don’t think our lives should be put in danger by people who believe in conspiracy theories instead of science. 

Had the protesters been liberal, the police would have told them they are having an illegal gathering and would have started launching tear gas at them, but since they are right-wingers with guns on their hips they stand by and let them endanger our families. 

 We need to vote out the party that disavows science, from local positions all the way to national office. It is our only chance to save this country from moving backward instead of forward.

-Barry Smith

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