American flag for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labour Day

"The recent change is thanks to the Legion Act which was enacted in July 2019 and will open the door for approximately six million veterans."

There’s good news for military veterans who want to connect with their community and be part of a strong veteran’s service organization. 

The eligibility requirements to join the American Legion have been modified and more people are now able to join.

The recent change is thanks to the Legion Act which was enacted in July 2019 and will open the door for approximately six million veterans.

The Legion Act stands for Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service will enable more people to join the American Legion and gain access to its benefits and programs.

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to community service and assistance.

The American Legion has 2 million members and more than 12,000 posts in communities throughout the United States.

Now that the legislation has been signed, The American Legion’s eligibility criteria immediately change from seven war eras to two: April 6, 1917, to Nov. 11, 1918, and Dec. 7, 1941, and continuing. No other restrictions on American Legion membership are changed.

Ahwatukee Post 64 is  very active in the local Phoenix community and provides many volunteer services and support throughout the year, including:

Honor and Color Guard – over 50 events and ceremonies last year.

Collection of used US flags and proper retirement.

Benefits assistance.

Family support.

High school oratorical contest and awards.

Arizona Boys State sponsorship.

School awards and scholarships.

Homeless outreach.

Comfort for the recovering.

Honor and Remembrance 

ceremonies (POW-MIA).

Adopt-a-Street volunteering Elliot-Warner Loop clean-up.

For more information on The American Legion, go to To check out the Ahwatukee Post 64 website, go to

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