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In the April 22 issue of the AFN, there was an article regarding the Club West Conservancy’s lawsuit against the Club West HOA Board of Directors and the board’s action to seek dismissal of the lawsuit.    

As some in the community may not be aware, the Club West Conservancy is a not-for-profit group of Club West homeowners who formed to fight the prospect of having 162 new houses built on the Club West golf course. 

 We want to galvanize the community to support either (a) the re-opening of a full-length golf course or (b) the establishment of a permanent walkable Open Space parkland.

It appears that for some time now, the Club West HOA Board has been supporting land developers to “grease the skids” for a community vote changing the golf course CCR’s (e.g. legal rules) to allow new housing to be built.  

In October 2018, the board held a closed meeting to create a voting plan whereby just 400 votes from our 2,700 residents could push through the new housing – and notice of this action was never communicated to the community in the form of meeting minutes or other means.  

Hard to believe?  Well it gets better.  The board also gave Wilson Gee, the golf course owner, membership into the HOA and 41 votes –  even though the golf course property is not under the control or management of the Club West HOA. 

The Club West Conservancy believes that these actions were not within the authority of the board of directors and will ultimately threaten the quality of life for residents in our community. 

The central piece of the board of directors’ legal defense is a request to the court to protect Wilson Gee’s rights.  

Specifically, their position is that if the HOA board were to revert the changes that the board secretly made to the CC&Rs, it would make it difficult for Wilson Gee to sell the golf course to land developers. 

This in turn might injure Wilson Gee financially.  The community should be aghast and appalled that the HOA Board of Directors would take such a position.  

These are the people put in place to protect and manage the Club West community, not Wilson Gee.

Recently the management company for the Club West Homeowners Association, Vision Community Management, sent an email reminder to Club West homeowners warning residents that the golf course is private property. 

The owner of the golf course, Wilson Gee, will be enforcing the no-trespassing order and has hired a security firm and off-duty police officers to do so.

 Many of you have been enjoying time on the golf course during the COVID-19 quarantine, so for the owner to enforce the no-trespassing order at this time feels like a punch in the face to the Club West Community.   

This is another reason that the Club West Conservancy believes it is crucial that we come together as a community at this time.   

We must fight to protect our community by either enforcing the requirement that the golf course be maintained as originally planned or come up with another solution that does not include the building of homes or additional commercial development on open space that is precious to the community.

As a united, highly motivated community, there is no doubt that we can protect the quality of life that has always made Club West a special place to live.  

Matt Tyler is a Club West resident and president of the Club West Conservancy. Information:

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