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Opposition to QuikTrip on 40th Street unwarranted

To the Ahwatukee neighbors opposed to the proposed QuikTrip:

QT is a good business neighbor and you could do a lot worse. First of all, the stores are safer than other gas station/convenience stores because they are fully staffed. You’ll never see only two workers inside these stores. 

The company invests a lot in landscaping. Look at any of their other stores and notice how many trees they plant and the green areas they maintain. 

Drivers on the 202 who stop for gas will get back on the freeway, as there is no reason for them to cruise the neighborhoods. This is an unsound concern. 

QT will hire your teenagers and young adult children, and pay for their college. 

I’m certain those who are opposed will end up stopping for coffee and gas in the mornings, drinks after their kids’ soccer games, etc. and will wonder how they managed without it. 

Quit fretting over QT. 

-Elle Tyler


Unhinged fanatics, not Trump are the problem

I, along with millions of bewildered and heartsick Americans, have had enough. We’re tired of the Trump bashing. He’s not the problem. You unhinged fanatics are. If rational thinking citizens don’t start speaking out, we are going to lose our country forever. 

 A mob of brain-dead loons is intent on destroying the greatest country on earth because they have been fed endless lies by a corrupt media and a power-hungry Democrat Party. They have dismantled education. 

 Now they are determined to erase history, rob us of our freedom of speech, ignore equal justice under the law and abolish the police, leaving honest citizens at the mercy of any criminal who wishes us harm.  

And if we try to defend ourselves, they vow to prosecute us. Their next target will be religion. Does any sane individual seriously long for a world without law enforcement? 

The ignorance of the far-left rioters is appalling. They are pulling down monuments of historical figures who abhorred and fought against slavery, and they are too stupid to realize that the Democrats were the Party of slavery. So, this madness has never been about race. It’s all about power. 

Trump and the Republican Party are all that stand between us and Socialism or some other soul-killing form of collectivism. Yet, that party is riddled with feckless, narcissistic self-serving cowards who are afraid of offending the Left and being called a racist.  

The Left believes that calling me a racist makes me one, which is utter nonsense, and calling my country immoral does not make it so. Ours is a noble country, despite its flaws, past cruelties and the mistakes of its leaders. 

 Even so, I’m afraid that we who love it are now on our own. Those of us who have had enough of the insanity that is taking place in Democrat-run cities and elsewhere had better grow a spine, fight back and above all stop kneeling. Don’t ever kneel to anyone except God. Stand up for your country before it’s too late.

-Jan Johnson


Supporters should 

re-evaluate the President

As I watched people line up to see our President in Tulsa, I wondered: Is there a line that he can cross that would make them abandon him?  History tells us for a certain percentage, there is not.  

To keep things short, I will only give 10 reasons that Americans may want to re-evaluate their support for our President: having an affair with a porn star while wife is pregnant with their son, then using campaign donor’s money to pay her to be quiet; setting up a donor-supported charity that he used as a piggy bank and has been shut down by New York State.

Also, calling NAZI’s “very good people;” making fun of a handicapped reporter; firing people whose job it is to investigate him; defending the Confederacy; separating Mexican children from their parents and putting them in cages. 

He has had peaceful protesters shot with pepper spray and flash bangs; called Mexicans rapists and criminals; lying is the rule for Trump not the exception.

We look at film of Germany during World War II and see the huge Nazi banners and portraits of Hitler. It looks eerily like scenes outside of Trump rallies, with Trump flags replacing the Swastika.  

Hitler also made fun of handicapped people, at first.  He also got rid of anyone that tried to curtail his power. I admit Trump only fires people who investigate him but Bolton’s new book reveals that he admired the Chinese concentration camps for the Uighurs.  

There was no line for the people who waved the Nazi banners, I suspect like the President predicted there is no line for many current supporters, but I hope so. 

 “I could shoot someone on fifth avenue, and they would still support me,” Trump said.  Are we at that point?  After all, he still has backing after he put little brown children in cages.

He recently told governors to arrest protesters and throw them in jail for 10 years.  Would that not be how it started in Germany?  

We need to check our values. Did we commit to all of this or did we get sucked in a little at a time? I hope there is a line for us, and I hope it can be drawn somewhere on the list above.  

There is still time to make a change and be able to hold our heads up high and say, “I saw the light and I now want to be on the right side of history.”

-Barry Smith


China is trying to take over America, dominate world

China has been saying for years that they are going to be the premier country in the world. They readily admit that America has the best military in the world, but they have been putting all of their money into biological testing.  

China claimed that the coronavirus escaped from the local wet market in Wuhan but America was inundated with 8,000 different gene sequences of this virus. This cannot happen naturally.  

These gene sequences must have happened in a biological lab. These biological labs are used to build weapons of war, but China hasn’t admitted that this was an attack on America, and isn’t going to.

This virus has worked very well for them,  but other problems have arisen here:  Black Lives Matter and Antifia are removing all of our statues. They admit their Marxist agenda.  

The public is questioning “why is this happening?” The answer is right in our face, but Americans cannot accept the fact that China would do this to us, and destroy us, before we can retaliate.  

The truth is that when China destroys us, their first order of business will be to remove and destroy all of our statues and probably all of our churches. 

These symbols of victory will no longer be available to preen over, so these Marxist ideologues are completing China’s goal of abolishing our society.

If Trump doesn’t win in 2020, our country will lose everything. The chances of Trump winning are very low because Americans don’t realize what is happening.

-Don Crook

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