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Some thoughts on freeway multiuse path and cyclists

My comments/response to the concerns that Mr. Struttmann had with respect to the multi-use path along the Ed Pastor Freeway:

1. What part of “multi-use” confuses the guy?

2. I thought the path was for “riding” bicycles not Olympic training (you know, transportation, recreation, enjoyment).

3. What if “Grandma” wants to ride her “adult” tricycle down the path at a comfortable 4 mph?  Are they going to just run her down? Or are they going to go after the elementary school kids on their BMX bikes? After all, those are all bicyclists, aren’t they?

4. Does he get to drive his car down Chandler Boulevard at 70 mph just because it’s a road and he wants to go fast?

5. “If” a bicyclist is riding six inches from the fence, and “if” he’s somehow distracted, and “if” he gets a flat tire and hits the fence and “if” he does catch one of “huge” 2-1/2 diameter poles that are just crammed together every 10 feet ..... maybe he isn’t qualified to be riding that bike.

-Geoff Cooley

Let’s not waste time finger-pointing during the pandemic

Day #71 of my stay-home quarantine makes me thankful for the Ahwatukee Foothill News continuing to publish weekly so I can read it cover-to-cover. 

The downside in reading each and every page is a growing concern of the vitriolic tone in letters-to-the-editor in April on the current Administration – namely President Trump.

 On April 15 his calling the Covid19 Pandemic the “Wuhan virus” is racist followed the following week where a letter seemed to indicate that if you are a Christian, you better examine your conscience for God “blessing his family for their endeavors.”

Had to check the 2nd Amendment on that one just to be sure it was still in force for now. 

There was light at the tunnel, I thought, when the following week a letter’s headline of “People should stop picking on the President” would hopefully cause all of us to begin to unite and practice civility during this pandemic crisis.

 If folks can’t be civil in this media-driven divide in our country at least check the facts on Google, please. 

The classic was one comment that Trump golfs too much with a challenge of “I dare you to justify that expense.” 

Google would have confirmed that his $400,000 salary is donated to the VA, registered and audited charities and last quarter to the Department of Health for coronavirus assistance. That would pay for a lot of golf balls.

Recently in the Wall Street Journal a gifted writer made this comment: “I deplore 80 percent of what Trump says and applaud 80 percent of what his Administration has done.” Wish I’d said that. 

Come on Ahwatukeans let’s pull together in civility and beat this coronavirus together without finger pointing or wasting our energy looking in the rear-view mirror. 

I am absolutely convinced that American medical research with American industrial free-enterprise will have a solution and far sooner than many of the naysayers and talking heads on TV would have you believe. 

Many of my neighbors have our American flags flying 24/7 supporting that goal. Where’s your flag today?

-Terence Cunningham

Appreciates AFN coverage of ABM virus-relief bid

I’ve never really taken the Ahwatukee Foothills News seriously until I read the article “Ex-board member blames ABM’s bid for SBA funds” by Paul Maryniak. To be fair, I don’t read the AFN paper very often, although I’ll make it a point to do so now.

I appreciated Christopher Gentis speaking his mind on this issue. I don’t know Mr. Gentis.

However, this story tells me a lot about his character and integrity.

 I agree with using restraint and looking at the greater need for PPP funds, even if you’re entitled to apply for the funds. There are so many people in the United States right now that are in dire need for food and/or help to pay their rent so they don’t lose their home. 

That’s where the money should be used first. 

I respect the AFN for publishing this article. Thank you.

-Richard Birkhold

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