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First-time letter writer glad he wrote

This year was the first time in my life that I have responded to letters and editorials in local newspapers to refute false claims made in the same. As an engineer, I tend to see misrepresented facts and know that they need to be corrected. 

If I know that someone is making stuff up in an engineering report, it is my duty to report that incorrect fact, so our company product and reputation is not tarnished. Yes, I make mistakes too but as soon as I realize those errors, I try my best to correct the errors and make sure that the mistake is not repeated. 

That is my duty as an engineer for my company and in life too I follow that same rule.

This year has been particularly bad with so many facts misrepresented by top officials in our political office. The consequences of those misrepresentations have been enormous. Lives have been lost. 

I could not watch as these same folks kept on repeating their same errors. I would not vote for them but more importantly felt a need to spread the correct facts where and when they were warranted. These were not just opinions, they were total misrepresentations which needed to be corrected.

I am glad that my fellow Arizonans have voted to also follow the facts and vote out the corrupt politicians who caused needless misery to our great nation. 

In the end, good prevailed over bad and we will be back on track to correct the wrong done by the previous administration.

My sincere thanks to all those who voted and made their voice heard. 

-Stanley D’Souza


Governor bowed on masks to fact-avoiding minority

Once upon a time, in a state being ravaged by a pandemic, the governor had a choice – to mandate the wearing of masks, or not.  

All the evidence showed that such a mandate would save thousands of people from death and thousands more from debilitating and life-threatening disabilities.  

But, if a mandate were issued, the small but obnoxious anti-evidence contingent would have a conniption.  

And the governor decided not to issue a mandate. He called it “not politicizing the issue.”  

Some of his kinder critics called it “negligent homicide.” They also pointed out that letting thousands of your constituents die to keep a fact-avoiding minority quiet was, in fact, the ultimate in politicizing the issue.

And the death toll rises.

-Barbara Clark


Players take a knee to bring awareness 

Why do some players take a knee? To bring awareness to tragic issues that many of their fans make a conscious choice to ignore.

 I understand the meaning of white privilege among good white people. White privilege does not necessarily make them racist; it means that they can live their lives without having any understanding of what I go through daily as a person of color in America.

 It means when they do see or hear things that are inappropriate, they can remain silent if they choose to. 

Aside from those who are drawn to social justice, many white Americans do not believe that the “other America,” the one that people of color often navigate in and out of daily, actually exists.

Police in the United States have killed 164 Black people in the first eight months of 2020. 

A partial list of fatal encounters that have made headlines over the years include Daiwon Tarver, Gamel Antonio Brown, Reginald Leon Boston, Jr., Donnie Sanders, Desmond Franklin, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Tamir Rice, Travon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Wendell Allen, Larry Jackson Jr., Jonathan Ferrel, and Jordan Baker plus so many more. 

Members of my family are police officers. I am not anti-police but I do believe police are often given a presumption of righteousness that others do not enjoy. 

I struggle to understand why some of them are not charged or fired because of the deaths of unarmed citizens. 

Instead of teaching our children to stand for pledges and anthems, let’s teach them to stand for social justice.

-Lisa Scinto

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