School kids sitting on the floor gathered around teacher

The events occurring in the aftermath of the death of Mr. George Floyd bring renewed attention to racial injustice and the inequities that exist in our society. 

These issues are very real and painful. If left unresolved, many in our TUHSD community will be impacted in unproductive ways.

Research shows that societal issues impact school communities. For guidance in this – and all – important matters, we turn to our core values and beliefs as a District, which state:

We put students’ academic and social/emotional needs at the forefront of everything we do.

We believe that people bring value to our organization.

We value the richness that comes from our diverse cultures.

We benefit and learn from the voice of our diverse community.

Equity in educational opportunities for all of our students is central to the work we do each day.

We firmly believe that students and families choose Tempe Union High School District because of the district’s core values and beliefs. They understand that these elements are inherent in the education they will receive.

We are proud that our school community is representative of the diversity of our nation.

Tempe Union is committed to doing our part to ensure that the diversity represented in our students, our staff, and our wider community is honored.

We pledge to continue working to be informed and educate our students and staff during these challenging times. By doing so, we build a sense of hope and positive change. 

Hateful words and behaviors of any kind have no place in Tempe Union. Within our school communities, we will not tolerate racism or injustice of any kind.

Please join us in this undertaking

so that each of us can, as Maya Angelou wrote, “live a life that is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, and some compassion.”

Dr. Kevin J. Mendivil is superintendent of Tempe Union High School District

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