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President subjected to outrageous abuse

When I heard Joe Biden say “I won’t tell you if I’m going to pack the Supreme Court until after the election,” it reminded me of Nancy Pelosi saying, “You have to pass the Affordable Care Act to find out what’s in it.”  

Those two statements should be troubling for anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature. Biden’s refusal to answer is an answer. Yes, he fully intends to pack the court.

Fifteen years ago, Biden was against court packing. He even called it a “boneheaded move.” I am afraid that many of you don’t fully realize how dangerous this would be for the country.  

FDR tried it and was stopped by his own party, a very different Democrat Party back then.

I started writing these letters because of the outrageous abuse of our President in issue after issue of this paper and almost no one was speaking out against it. 

To the lady who indignantly proclaimed that she is not a socialist or a communist, I hope that is true of you, madam, but it is not true of your party, which has taken a hard radical far left turn.

I don’t have even one friend who has had personal contact with the “disingenuous puffed up man” described in a Sept. 2 letter.  One who was called a pig, one who was mocked for being disabled and one who was actually assaulted and almost raped.  

It is obvious that you are referring to the President, but these allegations stretch credibility.

I did say that Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the Middle-East deal and shortly thereafter he was nominated. But why you brought up the Palestinians is a mystery.  The deal was between Israel and the UAE, period – not the entire Middle-East (yet), but it’s a start, and more than anyone else has done.  

You wanted a list of Trump’s “achievements.” Let’s start with energy independence for the first time in history, 6.6 million lifted out of poverty, historic low unemployment rates for blacks, Asians and Hispanics, the Veterans Choice and Accountability Act, the wall almost finished, ISIS eliminated, manufacturing jobs brought back to America, middle-class tax cuts, crippling regulations cut, no N. Korean missiles aimed at Japan and the U.S., and three Supreme Court justices.

I’m sure that a “Southern Baptist” upbringing would not sanction the blind unreasoning hatred of our President. If it did, the evangelicals would not be so solidly behind him. 

To say that the Democrats and the media lie is like saying that the desert is dry. The story about his calling members of the Armed Forces “losers” is totally made up. He never said it. If he truly felt this way, why did he spend trillions of dollars in building up our military that Obama had decimated?  

The President loves our military and they are strongly supportive of him. Don’t let the dishonest media convince you otherwise.  

With a gun to their heads, these people would not be able to produce one piece of recorded evidence to back up this lie. If that is the only thing that’s holding you back, please vote for Trump.

This election is not about two men or getting rid of Donald Trump, whom so many of you irrationally despise. It is about the soul of America and the system of government under which we will be living for decades.  

It is about a traditional America with our Constitutional values and freedoms intact or a far left American with our freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms for self-defense erased.  How will you protect yourself when they empty the prisons and abolish the police?

-Jan Johnson


Missing children – have we forgotten?

With all the headlines today circling around too many horrific issues, none capture my attention more than the fact that over 500 children are still among those who are missing relocation with their families.

During the Administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy of 2018, thousands of children were grabbed from parents who were trying to escape intolerance and/or joblessness in countries that do not benefit from America’s vision of democracy. 

Those children were detained in camps with few necessities like blankets, books or toys, medical needs, even interpreters were non-existent, while parents were processed for deportation.

Most families were mercifully reconnected with their children during the deportation process, but as of today over 500 are still among the missing. 

Can we as a purported civilized nation continue to tolerate this neglect? Please remember this issue when voting for the next four-year Administration. 

-CJ Briggle

What mobs is sheriff’s candidate referring to?

Mobs? Or peaceful assembly? Penzone’s opponent doesn’t appear to know the difference.

Sheriff Paul Penzone’s opponent is running on the campaign to “Stop the Mobs.”

Is he referring to the pink-topped 24,000+ who stomped at the Capital for the Women’s March? Or the many massive rallies for the Invest in Ed movement to alert the legislature to the dire needs of our education system? 

Or the peaceful demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter events that begin holistically until outside forces intruded with violence?

If these are the mobs Sheriff Paul Penzone’s opponent is referencing, he’ll have to start with a national amendment that overturns the insightful vision of our Founding Fathers when they included the Right of Peaceful Assembly in the Constitution.

We’re voting to re-elect Sheriff Paul Penzone who will continue to enforce the law, not make new ones.

-Judy Wade and Bill Baker


Corporation Commission vote could help the planet

There is too much at risk to continue the longstanding relationship between the Arizona Corporation Commissioner and the GOP. We cannot continue to elect GOP Commissioners who are under the control of Arizona utilities and who complain that the sustainability mission is too hard. 

We need commissioners who recognize and address the dire consequences of climate change.

Bill Mundell, Shea Stanfield, and Anna Tovar are candidates for the AZ Corporation Commission who are stepping up to do the hard climate work for future generations.

 If elected, they will join current Commissioner Sandra Kennedy to advocate for sustainability by employing scientific information to address climate change. They have committed to generating more of our electricity from clean energy sources like solar and improving energy efficiency standards.

Stop putting our kids at risk. 

-Mark Riske


Earth on the 2020 ballot

Elections matter for the earth this year. Listen to Michael Mann, leading scientist and climate activist: “Game over for the climate if Trump is re-elected.”  How about that for a choice?   

-Rebecca Hinton

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