Truck monster

Phoenix is one of the hottest markets for electric vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 sold very well here. It is also a city with a high proportion of pickup trucks.

It’s not hard to imagine the Valley of the Sun will be a target market for the Tesla Cybertruck and the new, all-electric GM Hummer. In the following letter, I am making a humble suggestion to keep everyone informed and safe.

Dear Mr. Musk and Ms. Barra, 

You are both amazing individuals who have forged new paths, each in your own way, but I am a little worried about your latest ventures. 

While lots of people are very excited about your new trucks, the Cybertruck and the all-electric Hummer, I am actually dreading them. The thought of driving my midsize sedan on the same roads as your mega trucks makes me, frankly, cringe. 

So, I have an idea that could help me to be more relaxed, and perhaps help you with your marketing campaigns. Actually, I am pretty excited about this idea.

I’m thinking about an ad campaign that calls out the competition between your two companies. 

Something like the ads where Mac, the new, hip computer confronted PC the old, awkward one. Or where Taylor Swift portrayed as the young, modern and Madonna, the old, out-of-date. 

Two totally different companies, Tesla and General Motors, duking it out in front of the camera for those environmentally conscious, rugged individuals! But not just talking heads. 

How about a ‘demolition derby-type’ event where you crash the Cybertruck and the Hummer, head-on and see who wins? Think, #MonsterTruckMashup.

You could stage a betting contest, which one would win? Great build-up! 

And sell tickets to the crash. Have spectators screaming and howling. Social media will light up!

But, that’s not my only idea. How about crashing your trucks into just normal sedans? Mr. Musk, you could volunteer the Model 3? Imagine the #Safest-car-ever-built meets monster trucks! 

And not just frontal crashes, but the trucks T-boning the Model 3. Since these crashes are the most dangerous, the results would be very interesting.

 Maybe even help to sell more Model 3’s! Ms. Barra, please feel free to volunteer one of your retiring Volts, or another sedan. 

Please don’t feel like you need to pay me for my suggestions. You see, I have a little self-interest. 

As I mentioned at the outset, I am not very excited about your new trucks. Yes, they look like they will be environmentally friendlier. 

But by getting bigger and stronger, your trucks seem less friendly to the rest of us sharing the road. Maybe seeing what would happen in these crashes will help me to relax. Maybe I could switch from being hesitant to being one of your biggest fans.

Thanks for thinking about my suggestion. Please let me know if you want to talk more.

Ahwatukee resident and Arizona State University engineering professor emeritus Norma Hubele is the inventor of, a website that helps families make safer car choices. She is working on a book, “Car Safety: Where the Numbers Help and Where They Don’t.”

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