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Foothills residents asked to attend meeting tonight

Last week, my colleague Rob Doherty wrote a letter advising readers about two key issues to be discussed at the meeting today, Jan. 22, at the Foothills Community Association board meeting:  the appointment of a new director and our homeowners’ campaign for HOA reforms.

I formally requested the board place our reform campaign on the agenda, so we could properly give the board and homeowners an update on our petition drive.  

The board refused my request, stating “the petition drive isn’t board business.”

In fact, our petition drive is being conducted in accordance with the association’s bylaws and it has great impact on the board and the association.  

In my opinion, there is little going on now that is more important to the board and to the HOA overall. The board has a responsibility to address the issue.

The board’s negative response is unfortunate, but it is hardly unexpected.  

Despite the board’s denial, Rob and I still will offer a brief update in the Homeowner Open Forum, using the opportunity to speak that is mandated by state statute. 

 I think all present will be quite impressed by the progress our team has made in recent weeks.  

I urge HOA members to attend the board meeting at 6 pm Wednesday at the Foothills Golf Club, 2201 E. Clubhouse Drive, Ahwatukee.

For more information about our reform initiative, visit our website at: TheFoothillsInfo.com.

-David Randolph

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