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Foothills homeowners must end ‘sin’ of apathy

I have lived in the greater Ahwatukee Foothills area for over 20 years. I truly believe that there is no finer place to live in Phoenix or Arizona for that matter. What we have here is truly a blessing.

I have elected to write this open letter to my neighbors to address the matter of apathy – a sin that I and many others are guilty of. It must end!

If we are to continue to enjoy all that this Community affords us, we must become more active and involved in the HOA. Two major events are about to take place in the very near future. The first is the election to amend our bylaws on July 30 and the second the election of new board members.

Please take the time to investigate both and actively participate. One major element of the by-laws amendment is term limits. We have several current board members who have served admirably and selflessly for over a decade.

They have continued to serve mainly due to their commitment but also because few others have stepped forward. I thank them for what they have accomplished but it is simply time for new ideas and fresh thinking.

I plan to be a candidate for the board. However, this is not a solicitation for your vote but a challenge to get involved.

- Michael C. Warren



Foothills HOA board needs many changes now

To the homeowners in the Foothills HOA:

I was brought up to be a helper and would now like to help our troubled homeowners with our HOA.

I am George Lemley, a 31-year resident of The Foothills. In my work life, I was an X-ray technician for two decades and later owned and operated a medical equipment distributorship, selling diagnostic medical test equipment. I taught doctors and staff how to use their equipment for best patient outcomes.

Although I am now retired, my desire to help continues. Attending the Foothills board HOA meetings this last year has made me want to help our HOA meet homeowner needs better.

To be fair, the obvious large maintenance jobs have been attended to but so many other important issues are ignored.

Before the virus was announced, with petition in hand, I personally met with 260 homeowners in our HOA. 250 of them were eager to sign the petition. They want term limits, transparency, electronic voting and bylaws update.

Meeting with those people gave me a very good feeling for the quality of people in our community. They deserve better.

Many of the people I met with didn’t know what the HOA was doing but they did have specific things they knew weren’t being attended to.

The general feeling was things weren’t as good as they could be as evidenced by the many grievances they shared with me. They felt the HOA doesn’t care about the individual homeowner very much.

I am running for the board and if elected I will work for those issues listed above but also for a closer, friendlier relationship with the owners of our community. It shouldn’t be so hard to either find out what our HOA is doing or to change what they have done in the past.

Please vote for the reform petition but including term limits this July 30 and vote for me in the following election, probably September. We need a change, well... many changes.

- George Lemley

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