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"Mr. Broussal’s pictures and areas of concern are clear indications of City of Phoenix unmaintained property, not MPRHOA."

In response to the recent news article in the AFN, dated Nov. 13, 2019, “Eyesore war pits local man vs. city”, it certainly appears Councilman’s Sal DiCiccio’s representative misstated information to one of our HOA homeowners (John Broussal) about the lack of maintenance in Mountain Park Ranch HOA (MPRHOA), which the representative claims were not being addressed by the HOA.  

As the executive director of MPRHOA, I believe you’re confusing the HOA property with City of Phoenix unmaintained property, because I know my property thoroughly.  

As a matter of fact, the last representative that came to my office to discuss these same types of City of Phoenix maintenance concerns didn’t amount to anything.  

I, along with MPRHOA homeowners presented maps and pictures of subject areas in MPRHOA the City wasn’t maintaining, including; City workers we observed sleeping in their trucks, water gushing out of City water meters that were reported but left running for weeks, street medians and drainage wash areas filled with weeds and trash and little was done to help get the City to address these issues. 

We take great pride in our HOA community, and most complaints we get regarding unmaintained landscape and adverse debris are on City of Phoenix property that runs through MPRHOA.  

It’s frustrating when we receive calls from HOA members who believe the lack of maintenance in our community is because we’re not doing our job when in reality, it’s not even HOA property, it’s the City’s property.  

Mr. Broussal’s pictures and areas of concern are clear indications of City of Phoenix unmaintained property, not MPRHOA. 

Then, in another statement, the representative claims the City/Neighborhood Services Department sent MPRHOA violations.  The three violations that I have knowledge of and received from the City/Neighborhood Services Department in the last six years are as follows. 

The first violation a city representative came to my office several years ago and wrote the HOA up of a violation for a lack of cleaning up dog waste in a wash area. 

 Concerned, I asked for the location and then I pulled out the assessor’s maps of the HOA property, clearly showing to the representative that it wasn’t on HOA property, but actually on City of Phoenix property. No response has been heard from since.

The second violation I received was for excessive debris, however, it wasn’t even in MPRHOA.

The third violation received was in regards to trash thrown over a wall into our hillside preserve near a gas station.  We addressed that debris right away (within hours of receiving the notice), only to find out that most of the trash was most likely from the gas station and their convenience store, including what looked like paint and plaster products tossed over the wall, possibly after the gas station had been upgraded. 

 We have pictures and yes, we did communicate with the manager of the gas station, who now has been put on notice that if this happens again we will bill the gas station for the next cleanup work. 

So, going forward, I will continue to encourage our MPRHOA members to contact the City of Phoenix at 602-262-6441 and Councilman’s Sal DiCiccio’s at 602-262-7491 in an effort to address these and other on-going adverse maintenance issues and concerns in and around MPRHOA that are on City of Phoenix owned property. 

-Jim Welch, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, is executive director of the  Mountain Park Ranch Homeowners Association

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