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Club West HOA newsletter reflects board denial

After reading the most recent Foothills Club West HOA newsletter, I couldn’t decide if I was either totally disgusted or hysterical from laughing so hard at its contents.  

Probably both.

Clearly, the Board is in total denial about its illegal actions when they “acquired” the declarant rights to the golf course.  

The Board also thinks that a small minority of the homeowners (16 percent) should have the ability to change the existing CC&R’s.  How un-democratic. Further, the Board cites significant increases in homeowner fees ($100-$2,000) if their plan, whatever it is, doesn’t succeed.  

These numbers are nothing but scare tactics and are completely baseless.  Shame on the Board for doing this.  But, of course, they did increase our homeowner fees by 5.13 percent, probably to pay for the legal fees incurred in trying to defend their illegal actions.  

The Board obviously has no clue on how to deal with the golf course.  

They have yet to propose a plan regarding what to do with this “dead piece of land” (their term), other than allowing developers to jam housing down the throats of the community.  

Each board member has been on the board far too long, and they need to be replaced with those who bring new ideas on how to solve the issues that face this community.  

Finally, I paraphrase the question Ronald Reagan asked in the 1980 election:  Is this community better off now than it was four (or even two) years ago?  If your answer is “yes,” then please vote for each of the present Board members who are running for re-election.  If your answer is “no,” like mine, I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.  

My positions regarding our community are as follow, as I am:

  For the full and complete enforcement of the existing CC&R’s, including those that apply to the golf course. 

  For the total and complete restoration of the golf course.

  Against any form of housing on the golf course. 

  For term limits for all Board members.

• For complete transparency and increased communication of all Board actions. 

  For finding a new management company, as Vision Management has not been responsive to resident needs and inquiries.  

And finally, unlike the present board, I will never kowtow to the wishes and demands of Mr. Gee or the owners of the golf course, whatever they call themselves today.  

For all the reasons stated above, I ask for your vote so that the quality of our community can be restored.  Thank you in advance.

-Thomas F. Bell


Election fraud claims were just that: fraudulent

I cannot and will not stand silent as I watch our democracy implode.  For those who believe that the “liberal mainstream media” lies to the American people and is supported by the “deep state,” for those who believe that mainstream politicians are deep state pedophiles bent on destroying our democracy, I hope you will read this because I am none of those things and I love this country. 

We all know the mainstream media sensationalizes stories. That is nothing new. So does social media.

But, without the mainstream media all we have is people on social media creating and sharing stories to substantiate their beliefs.  Without the mainstream media to give another side of a story we have rumor and lies, built into “truth.”

We must understand that our adversaries – Russia, China, North Korea and Iran – are elated to watch the destruction of our democracy and that they continue to employ thousands of bloggers and bots to sew discord and lies on social media.

Four years ago, when Trump won the Presidency through the electoral college vote, he won four states by a margin of 1.2 percent or less. He lost the popular vote by 2.86 million votes. Yet, what we saw in 2016 was a peaceful transition of power from one party to another.  That is not what is happening now.

The peaceful protest of the election by MAGA protesters yesterday morphed into lawlessness and treason. Some of the same people who saw the peaceful protest of police brutality, who screamed “shoot the protesters and lock them up” are the same people who are elated to see the peaceful protests around the country of people who truly believe that the election was “stolen.”  Hypocrisy in action. 

The latest social media rumor is that the law breakers were actually not MAGA supporters, that they were ANTIFA.  Wow, really?  So the MAGA hats, the Trump banners the Trumpers that posed for selfies and posted them on social media were actually ANTIFA rebels?  If you believe that, to be polite, you have a mental problem.

The Georgia election results were verified by the Republican Governor and the Republican Secretary of State. The cost of three recounts was borne by the people of the great state of Georgia. 

Three recounts –  1) machine, 2) hand count, 3) machine – verified that it was a valid election result.  Fifty thousand dead people did not vote. That is simply unsubstantiated by any credible source.

The vote in Arizona was validated by the Republican Governor of Arizona, who, before being rejected by Trump, was one of his most avid supporters.

Arizona has conducted voting by mail successfully since 1983.  The far-right Republican politicians in Arizona who are screaming the loudest about a rigged election are not contesting their wins. Why is that? How can it go both ways?

A similar scenario played out in Pennsylvania. The bottom line is, even with all of the false allegations of voter fraud across multiple states, the numbers claimed would not amount to the number of votes needed to give Trump the Presidency.

Every Supreme court in each state where the votes were contested most of which have majority members who are conservatives placed there by conservative Governors, and the Supreme Court of the United State of America, three of whom were placed there by Trump, all have come to the same conclusion on every one of the law suits brought before them, that the suits and allegations had no merit.

Trump, who told the crowds that he would walk with them up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building, who incited the crowd to riot, then disappeared and watched the riot happen on TV. 

Sen. Josh Hawley, who raised his fist in support of the protesters, hid as they stormed the building.  He recognized that things were out of control.

How have we come to a place in this country where family members no longer speak to each other? Where moderate thinking legislators are labeled as traitors and voted out of office?  Where those who do not like the outcome of an election act like spoiled children who didn’t get their way.  

This is not my America! This is not the America I want for my children and grandchildren.  I hope it is not yours.

-Lori Vanover


Events in Washington of last week are beyond sad

I cannot be sadder. My country is under attack – from within.

I can’t be angry. That would mean that I must compound the angry I already feel for those who continue to desecrate the country I was born to love. I’m not sure I can muster that much angry. As much as my angry holds true, I believe there is a line I must contain. 

But sad? Oh, how sad I am to believe there are millions of Americans who are involved in American insurrection and violence. Beyond sad to watch those decimating with glee an icon of democratic symbolism. Beyond sad to witness an explosive surge against our legislators we sent to represent us. Beyond sad to think those same millions could carve a chapter of horrific reversal of our democracy. 

My heart cannot stop hurting.

CJ Briggle

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