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Residents want Foothills HOA bylaws vote

Last week, homeowners concerned with problems plaguing the Foothills Community Association HOA submitted a petition calling for a vote within 30 days on a package of key reforms.

This action marked a milestone in the effort to address the troubling leadership and structural issues in the HOA that have been widely reported over the past year.

The petition was signed by more than 1,200 HOA members, well exceeding the 25 percent of the total membership required by the bylaws.

This is an amazing display of unity among the HOA’s members in support of the reforms.  

To put this number in perspective, it surpasses the total number of members who cast votes in last year’s recall election, both for and against the incumbents.

The HOA’s members have spoken loud and clear that they want an opportunity to vote on the reform package.  

And they want that vote within 30 days so the reforms can be in place for the May election of board directors.

It is now up to the board to respect the will of the HOA members whom they represent, and to announce a special meeting of the HOA’s membership to vote on the reforms no later than the first week of April.

In a December AFN article about the reform campaign, when asked about whether I thought the board would act on the petition, I was quoted as saying: “Honorable men will do the honorable thing.”

The moment has arrived for the board directors to show that they are honorable and that they will properly represent the HOA’s members and comply with the HOA’s governing documents.  

The board should promptly act to allow the vote to take place within 30 days. We know this is feasible because the board did so just last May for the recall election.

We thank all of you HOA members who have supported this reform effort.  When the board conducts a vote on the reform package, if all of you cast ballots in favor of the reforms, it is a virtual certainty that the reforms will be approved.

With these key reforms in effect, and fresh leadership on the board, by this May the HOA will be poised to move in a new direction that is consistent with our stated mission:

“To strengthen the management of the Foothills Community Association HOA, including increasing transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the interests of the Association’s members.”

For more information about the reform effort:  TheFoothillsInfo.com.

-David Randolph, Rob Doherty

Colloidal silver should

be tested against virus

I would like to see coronavirus in vitro tested, using colloidal silver because the 10 million owners of colloidal silver generators can tailor its delivery to use against destroying this virus.  

I can envision dipping face masks in silver, then letting them dry. The face mask will kill any virus that tries to get through it.

I also can envision 10 million colloidal silver generator owners supplying 10 quarts to a massive distribution system so the public can protect themselves against this virus. This is much better than any vaccine that can be distributed to the public.    

Syracuse University conducted a study on colloidal silver and proved a person with the most silver in their body will can result in a healthier body than one with no or low silver in their body. Silver dramatically increases your white blood cells for maximum immunity.   

Meanwhile, President Trump has really done it. Yes, one of the most crucial swamp cleanings is starting to occur, by installing a new FDA chief.

America has one of the worst health care systems in the advanced societies because of the FDA.  This new chief, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, has agreed to change a ban on  “off-limit labeling.”

Eliminating this ban means that Big Pharma is no longer a monopoly on the medicine that the FDA regulates. America now will be able to use the premium alternative medicines that they have, to supply cures of diseases that the mainstream medicine cannot give to the public. 

There are over 30 million diabetics in America, now can be cured by mainstream medicine, rather than going to alternative medicines (which the public had chosen, because of their cures). 

 This is just one example of the FDA’s shortcomings.  In the past, doctors had to make decisions like: Do I violate my Hippocratic oath, compromising my patient’s health or go to jail for trying to help my patient? This obstacle will no longer be there.

This is a tremendous win for America. This is going to save 2 million deaths per year. Thank you, President Trump.

-Don Crook

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