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When will Arizona gun laws start protecting victims?

There is no movement on the part of the Biden/Harris Administration to gut the Second Amendment, despite the repeated lies resurrecting their ugly heads at our State Capital again this year. 

Governor Ducey signed two new laws this year that created redundancy with the Second Amendment. He did so in order to gain further allegiance to the gun lobby and their repeated lies promoting that the Second Amendment is going to be gutted by the Biden/Harris Administration. 

It is time to pass measures that will protect victims from future gun violence, whether from an abusive relationship, children in our schools or people at a random mass gathering.

-David Gordon 


Insurrection commission leads to old elephant in room

Senator Sinema: Now that Minority Leader McConnell has (again) showed his true colors in opposing a bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6, it is time to address the elephants’ filibuster in the room. 

It is clearer than ever that the GOP has adopted the same strategy they used during President Obama’s two terms – there will be no bipartisanship on any important matters which may concurrently benefit the country and Democrats.

Blindly supporting the filibuster for issues such as this and voting rights is playing into their hands. And as we are seeing this week, it is actually hampering bipartisanship. Please find a way to modify the filibuster for these types of measures which have significant constitutional implications.  

Perhaps support something like the budget reconciliation law, which permits limited use of a simple majority?

 I share your favorable views of bipartisanship, and that you are walking the walk. However, there comes a time when that walk leads to a dead end and you need to find a new path forward. Senator, we are stuck in that cul de sac and the new path must be pursued.

-Paul Weich

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