Foothills HOA

Members of the Foothills Community Association should be aware of three important issues affecting the HOA.

First, the annual election for the board of directors will soon be underway.  My colleague George Lemley and I are running and we ask for your vote.

Last year, George and I helped lead the grassroots movement for structural bylaws reforms that homeowners supported by a ratio of 11:1.  These reforms and the subsequent election of directors who supported them contributed to the positive changes made by the board over the past year.

If elected, George and I will work to reinforce these gains and to further advance the reform movement’s goals of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the interests of the HOA’s members.

Details of our platform – including specific ideas for ensuring respect for homeowners, strengthening financial management, and enhancing the beauty of our community – are posted at:

Concurrent with the board election, HOA members are being asked to vote on a lengthy package of bylaws amendments.

These amendments are the product of nearly two years of work by a special committee that included board directors and reformers, including me.  Although COVID slowed us down, in the end the committee produced a solid package.

Many of the amendments amount to basic housekeeping – cleaning up problems that had existed over the years but were never addressed.  Others tighten or redefine issues in ways that make the bylaws more community focused.

I urge all HOA members to vote in favor of the bylaws amendments.

Lastly, the HOA has assumed responsibility for lighting Chandler Boulevard for the Festival of Lights.  While it is contributing $50,000 – and the Club West HOA is generously contributing an additional $25,000 – significantly more funding is needed to ensure that the FOL glistens with its full glory.

The HOA has created a GoFundMe site at: with a goal of $50,000.  Because of the need to get the contract for the lights by the end of September, it is urgent as much of this amount as possible be collected within the next few weeks.

I encourage all those who live in the Foothills and enjoy the FOL – even those who live in other HOAs -- to make even a small contribution to help sustain this cherished community tradition.  A flyer with further information on the fund drive is posted on our website.

I thank you for your support in helping make the Foothills such a lovely place

to live. 

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