Considering the wreck that is our state's economy, the dismal literacy level of Greater Phoenix as reported in your paper should surprise noone. The Boobs, Babbitts and Bigots of both parties who have set themselves up as our Arizona power structure, and who are responsible for our dire straits, absolutely depend upon an uneducated, unifnormed and apathetic citizenry to survive. They have transformed The Valley of the Sun from "America's Future" into a third world nightmare with cartel corruption flowing in, and tuberculosis showing the only real growth potential.

They know that the only way out is for Arizona to start merging its economy with that of California, and they will deny us prosperity to keep power strictly for themselves. There are many proposals on the table, and they are too big for the local princes and princesses to manipulate. One is the fact that Salt River Project is an entity of Arizona State Government and is in the position to offer free electric power to businesses moving here.

Another is a massive infrastructure project funded by a new state lottery to connect San Diego to Phoenix/Mesa/Tucson by high speed electric rail through an Arizona Transportation Authority.

Art Sullivan


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