Tempe resident Paige Reesor

Tempe resident Paige Reesor, a middle school art teacher in the Tempe Elementary School District, is among the candidates for one of three Tempe Union Governing Board seats in the Nov. 3 election.

Eight people are running in November for three seats on the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board.

Paige Reesor, a Tempe resident and an art teacher at Gililland Middle School in the Tempe Elementary School District, said her candidacy is related to her job at one of the district’s feeder middle schools.

“Running for Tempe Union is a personal story for me,” Reesor said, as I am a middle school art teacher in the Tempe Elementary School District. 

“I have been serving in the public-school system for seven years. I have the opportunity to continue my professional work and impact the same students as they continue to move onto the high school level. I am not only a teacher voice, but a voice for our Tempe Union students knowing they will always come first.”

Reesor said her perspective as teacher would bring a fresh perspective to

the board.

“I collaborate with our neighboring school districts,” she said. “As an educator, I regard student success as my highest priority, and I understand that achievement can look different for each student. Supporting individual student strengths and needs, establishing strong relationships with students, parents, and community members, as well as encouraging students to find their voice are three key ways that we can help all students blossom and accomplish great things.”

Reesor’s 836 signatures on her ballot positions comprised the fourth highest total among the eight board hopefuls.

At least one new member to the five-member board is assured since only President Berdetta Hodge and Sandy Lowe are seeking reelection. Hodge is seeking her second term and Lowe her third while incumbent Michelle Helm, whose term also expires in December, is retiring after 20 years on the board.

Also running is Chandler Realtor Lori Bastian, Ahwatukee lawyer Don Fletcher, Chandler resident and Mesa teacher Sarah Lindsay James, Kyrene school board President Michael Myrick and Arizona State University sophomore Armando Montero of Ahwatukee.

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