Joshua Tucker is look to Ahwatukee for a financial boon this summer.

The Arizona State University freshman has started a house-painting franchise business in Ahwatukee through College Works Painting.

The company partners with some 2,000 college students in the U.S. and Canada by mentoring them in every facet of running a business.

Although he calls it an internship, it involves a lot of responsibility – and puts students virtually in charge of determining their success.

The Flagstaff native, a graduate of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School and a business management/finance major, sets up the business, hires painters, handles the estimates and supervision of the crew and takes care of all billing, payroll and whatever else is required.

About the only thing he likely won’t do is pickup a brush.

“I’m the manager,” he said.

“This is a company that takes a select few college students every year and guides them to run their own painting business,” Tucker explained. “They have been around for 25 years now and help college students gain real-world experience through the many skills that they learn through doing this internship.”

He said the company, which has been around for 25 years, paints an estimated $10,000 homes annually and also partners with a charity called Augie’s Quest. It has donated more than $300,000 to the nonprofit, which raises money for researching a cure for ALS.

“I would like to be the manager of business someday and doing this internship is really allowing me to learn the skills to do so,” he said. “Being a college student, it has also taught me time management and has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to grow exponentially as a person.”

His goal is to win enough contracts to generate $70,000 this summer. So far, he’s generated about $8,000 worth of jobs.

Tucker can be reached at 928-821-3646 or


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