An early evening downpour on Monday flooded Ahwatukee streets and created bad conditions at the Lakes Golf Course, where mud and debris washed over sidewalks and roadways.

But for one family, it brought disaster for the second time in two years as flooding severely damaged the interior and exterior of their home.

Phoenix Fire crews had to rescue some motorists whose cars were trapped in flooded washes, according to reports at the scene, but a department spokesman said Tuesday he had no details on the incidents.

Among those hardest hit by the storm was the family of Ronnie O’Steen and Stacy Schwartz, in the 11000 block of South Mandan Street, at the base of South Mountain near Elliot Road and 44th Street.

Their home was gutted in a September 2014 monsoon flood. They had nearly finished repairing the damage from that incident when this week’s storm struck.

This time, water demolished a brick wall and left a foot-high pile of debris in the yard while soaking most of the rooms with water and mud.

The family has no insurance and friends have posted a plea for donations at

Another hard-hit area was the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course at Warner Road and 48th Street. The golf course is at the center of a legal battle between some area homeowners and the new owners of the development. Neighbors said the drainage ditch near the fairways diverts flood water that otherwise threaten the community’s approximately 250 homes.

Resident Linda Swain said rainfall Monday totaled about .55 of an inch – far less than the five inches that fell during the September 2014 storm.

Philip Simeone, who sent photos of the flooding to the Ahwatukee Foothills News, added, “People were unable to drive onto Lakeside Boulevard. Then, a lake appeared once again.”

On Monday, Lakeside Boulevard along the north rim of the community flooded as water breached the sides of an underpass.

By Tuesday, crews were out bulldozing mud and debris from the boulevard as well as thoroughfares in the development. Other crews also were active along portions of Ray Road doing the same.

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