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Tempe Union teachers will be confronting some additional tasks when students return to campuses this week.

Here are some of the 20 reminders they were given in a list titled “TUHSD Teachers Day and COVID Responsibilities.” 

  At entry point, answer the three COVID questions either in writing or using a QR code/Google form.

  At entry point, your temperature will be taken. 100.0 degrees or higher = you will be placed in a containment room for a repeat of temperature or sent home if temperature persists. Lower than 100 degrees = you may proceed to your classroom/workspace.

  Immediately go to your classroom/workspace. Use phone, email IM or remote meeting platforms to meet with others. Please avoid in-person contact when possible.

  Follow the route to your classroom or workspace. Be sure to notice and remove the blue painters tape on the door. Please remove the tape completely. This will signify that the classroom has been used and will need to be cleaned and disinfected.

  Be sure the room is set up for social distancing (6 feet or more if feasible) and make student seating charts for each class period.

  Remind students of the mitigating factors that are required of all people on site, such as face coverings/masks, social distancing of at least 6 feet, no touching, etc.

  At the end of each class, prior to dismissal, a COVID cleaning bell will sound. The teacher (or designee) will take the Benefect Decon 30 spray bottle and spray on mist setting each desk and chair that had been used…Do not rinse or wipe off after application, Spray (mist setting) and walk away. Disinfects and sanitizes within 10 minutes. There are no human health warnings or precautionary statements for use or disposal of this product. PPE is not required to apply the product, making Benedict Decon 30 an ideal choice for schools. At the end of the day, please leave the spray bottle on teacher’s desk and maintenance will refill nightly.

  At the end of each day, teacher will spray every chair and desk in the classroom. Please clean your workspace as well.

  When outside your classroom, make sure you follow the designated signs, routes, arrows and wear your face covering/mask until you get into your car or walk off the school site.

  Teachers may have electronic copies or paper copies if necessary. Please use the print shop as often as possible. If you must make copies, be socially distant, use hand sanitizer before and after for hands and disinfectant wipes for the copy machine prior and after use.

  When passing out papers to students, please use hand sanitizer before and after collecting.


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