Two city-operated traffic signals at Cottonwood Way and 40th Street in Ahwatukee have been synchronized, the city Street Transportation said last week. (Special to AFN)


he Phoenix Street Transportation Department has taken action to try and correct a problem that’s developed near the intersection of 40th Street and the South Mountain Freeway.

The signal at the intersection of 40th and Cottonwood Way and another just a bit south at the 40th Street intersection with an entry-exit to a park-and-ride lot have been synchronized, said department spokeswoman Heather Murphy.

Murphy said the department acted on complains published several weeks ago by AFN about how the lack of synchronization between those two lights – and one about 300 yards south at the freeway interchange – had been creating problems for Foothills Paseo II residents trying to get onto 40th from Cottonwood.

“This should help traffic in that community,” Murphy said, adding the department had used a new method to synchronize the signals.

But the problem hasn’t fully been taken care of because the signal at the freeway interchange remains out of synch.

“The signal there belongs to ADOT and the ADOT signal has no communication with our system right now. In six to eight weeks, we should have communication between their signal and ours,” Murphy said.

Foothills Paseo residents have complained that the freeway interchange light creates a backup for southbound 40th Street traffic that can make it next to impossible for them to turn left out of Cottonwood Way and toward the freeway.

Several motorists have complained that the entire 300-yard stretch between Cottonwood and the freeway is “an accident waiting to happen.”

The Cottonwood-40th intersection also is the site of a proposed QuikTrip gas station that so far has failed to gain city permit approval.

Murphy said her department is waiting for a revised traffic study from QuikTrip. Until her department signs off on that study, the city Planning Department won’t give QuikTrip the necessary permits to build.

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