Empty comfortable red seats with numbers in cinema

Come Saturday, you can legally go catch a flick at your local theater.

Gov. Doug Ducey says it’s now OK.

But don’t pack the kids in the car just yet or fill your purse with candy from the dollar store.

Theater operators contacted by Capitol Media Services say they’re not ready to open the doors just yet – if for no other reasons than there simply isn’t anything new to throw up on the screen. 

But they are willing to sell you popcorn, and even bring it out to the curb for you.

The Department of Health Services has released its guidelines for how the theaters should operate, covering everything from seating to butter dispensers for popcorn.

Only thing is, these are being phrased as suggestions and recommendations. And that leaves a lot up to individual operators – and, ultimately, to customers to see if they feel safe.

As to other recreational opportunities, don’t hold your breath waiting to see the first pitch of the season.

Ducey has said that games can go on, albeit without fans. 

But Major League Baseball isn’t ready yet, either. The latest news show team owners looking for a start in early July – assuming some arrangement can be reached with players.

“Although we are not planning to reopen our theaters now, we are anxious for the day we can safely and responsibly welcome guests back into our theaters to watch movies on the big screen, where they are meant to be seen,’’ reads a statement from Harkins Theatres.

The company says it is working with public health officials and industry partners to finalize a reopening plan and safety protocols.

“Another necessary criteria is a reliable and continuous slate of great new theatrical films,’’ the company said, saying it is waiting for the planned release of anticipated summer blockbusters like “Wonder Woman 1984’’ and “Mulan.’’

Potentially the first up could be “Tenet,’’ the latest film from “Batman’’ director Christopher Nolan scheduled for release on July 17.

AMC, the other big player in Arizona, did not immediately return calls seeking a schedule. The company is not listing any showtimes for the immediate future.

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