Pecos North

The 44th St. entrance of Pecos North on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

History is repeating itself within Pecos North Homeowners Association as the community is using a rare Arizona law to recall several HOA board members.

Community member Lisa Adams turned in 62 signatures to recall three board members during a meeting on Wednesday, June 19. Adams, with the support of several homeowners in her neighborhood, is taking advantage of an Arizona law that Pecos North was the first to use when it was passed in August of 2005.

The law allows a recall process to begin when the board is presented with a petition signed by 25 percent of the eligible voters in the community, or 100 voters, whichever is less. The law applies to communities with 1,000 members or less. Pecos North has 168 members and, therefore, needed 42 signatures to trigger a recall. The management company now has 30 days, or until July 19 to hold an election.

In 2005, just four days after the law first passed, community members in Pecos North filed signatures to recall three board members. At the time members said there were problems with the property management company, City Property Management Co., and the board members refused to search for a new company. Three members of the board were recalled and the new board got rid of City Property Management.

Adams and other community members say the situation is similar now. Board member Peggy Strachan said she has received several complaints recently from members about the current management company, Metro Property Services, and its new community manager’s lack of experience, but three board members refuse to find a new company.

The three board members in question, Sharron Peek, June Peele and Joann Pompa, say they were blind sided by the recall effort. The three women claim there was never a discussion in the board meeting minutes about firing Metro Property Services and that there have not been any serious complaints about the company that they know of. They believe Strachan is leading the effort to recall them because she was recently removed as the board’s president after Metro and the board refused to get involved in a personal complaint Strachan had with a neighbor.

A letter was sent to all community members in Pecos North on June 12 in an attempt to gain signatures to recall Strachan from the board. The letter, signed by “concerned members of Pecos North” claims that Strachan has been spending HOA money, selectively enforcing community rules and holding personal homeowner information in her home without the full board’s approval.

Melissa Lavonier of the Travis Law Firm, who is representing the HOA, said the letter was put together by several community members as well as the three board members currently being recalled. She said the group only needs a few more signatures.

Strachan has met with her own attorney and has asked for proof of the claims in the letter. She said she believes the letter was an attempt to “pick on the little guy,” but said she’s grateful for all the support she has received from community members.

Lavonier said Metro will be verifying the signatures in the petition turned in by Adams and will follow the law. The election will be two parts: The first part will allow community members to vote if they want to recall the three board members. The second portion will select their replacements.

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