Mike Brilz, vice president of land development for PulteGroup, presents Pulte's plan for developing the Lakes Golf Course to a group of residents Friday, June 6.

PulteGroup is on a mission to reach the masses with its real plan for the closed Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Club.

The company has started meeting with residents in small groups to share their plan for the more than 100 acres of land and to collect signatures from all deed holders in the area that will allow them to seek rezoning for the land.

Pulte must get 51 percent of homeowners within the Ahwatukee Board of Management Homeowners Association, which has more than 5,100 homes, to agree to change the CC&Rs that state the golf course must be kept a golf course. Mike Brilz, vice president of land development with PulteGroup, said they plan to attempt to get that 51 percent approval this year.

“We’ll do this as long as it takes,” he said. “We’re doing neighborhood outreach. Last week we launched our website. We’re methodically going through neighbors until we get our 51 percent. The seller has given us as much time as we need and we plan on taking it.”

Once the company gets 51 percent of neighbors to agree to changing the CC&Rs they must still go through the zoning process with the city of Phoenix to have the land rezoned.

The company hosted its first official community outreach meeting on June 6. They presented their full plan for the land to members of the Ahwatukee Country Club.

“We wanted to start small and make sure our presentation was on track,” said Jacque Petroulakis, spokesperson for Pulte. “There’s not a lot new here compared to what you see on the website. It’s just giving us a chance to talk about what our plans are.”

The plan is to build about 250 homes on the land, which is much less dense than the surrounding area. Pulte has vowed to keep close to 40 acres dedicated to open green space and plans to create a walking path through the entire neighborhood for drainage. The group also says it will donate $1 million to upgrading the Ahwatukee Country Club if they are successful in developing the Lakes.

Pulte was the low bidder for the project, but Brilz said they were selected by the seller to move forward because their company has the best plan for meeting the demands of neighbors.

“We’re trying to be respectful,” Brilz said. “There’s been a lot said lately but we’re just trying to be professional. We think we have a great, solid solution for the situation… We were handpicked by the seller because he knew we have the wherewithal to do very hard projects.”

Several residents present at the June 6 meeting agreed to sign a consent form to change the CC&Rs after hearing Pulte’s 25-minute presentation and having a chance to ask questions.

“We will be out in the neighborhoods over the next few months doing door-to-door, some mailings and speaking with the media,” Brilz said. “We have our homework to do… If we’re not successful the process will start all over again with someone new.”

The full plan and facts on the process can be viewed at pulteahwatukee.com. On that site residents can also request for the presentation to be given to their group. For more information, email info@pulteahwatukee.com.

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