Ed Doney feels discovered.

After years of putting a legion of inflated snowmen of all sizes on the front lawn of his Ahwatukee home, he’s noticed this year more people coming by to view the sight.

“I’m not accustomed to driving home and finding a dozen people wandering about our driveway posing for pictures with our snowmen,” said Doney, who started around 2004 or 2005 by adding one snowman to a modest collect of Christmas ornaments.

“The next year, we added one or two more,” he said. “And it just happened from there on.”

His webpage,, shows off the 37 snowmen he’s collected over the years, including 26 on blower units and three that are animated.

He’s even given them individual and group names, like The First, Big & Big Hat families, the Snocrobats, Piggyback Guys, Bluemittens and Greeney.

Doney said, “This year we’ve had more visitors than ever. 

“We’re not exactly sure why,” he continued. “We weren’t listed in any of the papers as far as I know. Maybe there’s a lack of socially distanced activities. In any event, we’ve had more visitors than ever.”

He also doubts many have seen his webpage because it’s been up less than two weeks.

Doney did have a little drive-by celebration for members of the Ahwatukee Recreation Center, where he belongs to several of its many clubs and has chronicled their art work and creations with photographs every year.

Regardless of why so many people have swung by his home, Doney is delighted to see them.

He’s even encouraging people to stop and take a selfie with one of his snowmen, then email the picture to him.

Doney said he’ll leave the snowmen up for the first week of January. People can find them on  Coconino Street, just west of 36th Street.

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